Yoga was an essential part of my Muay Thai fight training to help with my hip flexibility and improve my back problems. It made a world of difference.  The breathing techniques also helped keep me calm during fights and sparring sessions.

Yogi Simon Gidman from Tiger Muay Thai and MMA in Phuket, Thailand takes you through a awesome MMA Yoga Stretch. I did Simon’s class when I was training at Tiger last time and had nothing but great results.


Nothing is more important in the martial arts than flexibility. By practicing yoga you will be able to jump, kick and slip from grabs much more easily and quickly.  The functional strength you gain will allow you to train more effectively and for longer periods of time.

Yoga develops the strength of the body as it provides for the efficient exercising of all muscle groups.

Yoga will also efficiently protect you from the common everyday injuries as well as more serious ones by developing your body to the fullest, reducing the impact of a hit

In order to be the best MMA fighter a stretch or yoga routine must be implemented into your training program

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