Wrestling Workouts for the MMA, Combat Athlete and Martial Artist – feat. Zach Even Esh

My main man Zach Even-Esh a world renowned Underground Strength Coach, Author, Creator of many Programs and runs Underground Strength Certifications for Coaches has giving me the good grace to share some of his Wrestling Workouts with you.

Zach is one of my go to coaches when I have questions, need to research or want ideas for an awesome workout.

His methods develop critical traits for MMA and Combat Athletes
Like: Absolute Strength, Explosive Power, Strength Endurance & Power Endurance, Developing Functional Muscle Mass, Mental Toughness and Conditioning to name some.

His workouts are pure BEAST WARRIOR, which is the mentality you need to have as a wrestler and as a MMA fighter.

I watch the workouts he posts and immediately get energy from his athletes and Zach teaching and pushing them through each exercise.

Once again stepping out from traditional weight training and into the realm of athletic training using LOTS of bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, stones, powerlifting, ropes

I posted 3 of Zach’s classic workouts for you at FunkMMA all from the great Underground Strength Training group.

Power Workout, Underground Wrestling Workout and High School Wrestlers Workout

Check out these workouts that breed CHAMPIONS

Wrestling Power Training
Awesome workout from Underground Strength incorporating Bodyweight, kettlebells and plyometrics to create and explosive power workout great for wrestlers and MMA athletes

Underground Wrestling Workouts – High School and College Training Together
High school & college wrestlers training together at the Underground Strength Gym in NJ using sandbags, Strongman Stones, dumbbells, chains, bodyweight, kettlebells

High School Wrestling Workout
Great workout with LOTS of bodyweight exercises, kegs, med balls, rings, sandbags, workouts with the wrestlers

If you want to pick up what I think is one of the most valuable workout resources you should get to incorporate into your strength and conditioning training is Wrestling Workouts That Win program – Get your Copy HERE – http://tinyurl.com/wrestlingworkouts




Here is THE critical “X Factor” about Wrestling Workouts:

(Which can cross over to MMA)


The wrong wrestling workouts can literally cancel out all of your hard work in wrestling skills. If your muscles can’t perform then your ability to wrestle becomes useless


The wrong wrestling workouts can make you slower, making you easier to get taken down, easier to turn and less likely to win matches


The wrong wrestling workouts can make you more susceptible to injury, possibly leading to a season ending injury, ending all your goals and dreams of being All State


The wrong wrestling workouts will make you less explosive, which means you are less likely to escape from bottom, less likely to score that critical takedown in overtime and less likely to lock up pinning combinations when you need to score critical back points


The wrong wrestling workouts will make you look stronger without actually BEING stronger (aka “Beach Muscles”). These “beach muscles” are the kiss of death in wrestling; they are all show and NO go. I’m sure you’ve seen wrestlers built like this gas out before the first period ends or lose countless matches by 1 point or by overtime. They have useless muscles, plain & simple.

Your only option to becoming a champion is to take action right NOW, the Right way, not tomorrow or next week. I’m about to give you the golden opportunity to get your hands on the most powerful & effective wrestling workouts to give you the advantage both physically and mentally over your wrestling competition. Does that sound too good to be true?





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