Who Is Andy Tiet?

Here’s a bit about me! My name is Andy Tiet, I’m 22 years old, I’m a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Amateur Muay Thai Pan American Champion, Undefeated Amateur MMA Fighter, #11th Ranked Amateur Bantamweight In Canada, Chef, Author, and Business Owner.

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Quitting my high paying job was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Out of high school I spent my teen years working a 9-5 management position at an auto body shop earning a good salary and living what I was led to believe by my parents, my peers, and society.. the “dream”.

Well… actually, I HATED my desk job. I would always been the first person to leave the office to rush across the city to the gym for 6pm Muay Thai. Eventually, I was unable to lie to myself anymore, It was impossible to convince myself I was happy. I became so fed up with my work environment and how unfulfilling it was that I quit on the spot (best decision EVER).

Taking the leap of faith.

I decided that I would give martial arts everything that I had. Every waking moment was dedicated to improving myself as a martial artist. My lifestyle completely changed on all fronts but especially in one area, nutrition.

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I had my first BJJ match after three months of training, my first Muay Thai fight after 6 months of training, and my first MMA fight after a year of training.

In total though, I’ve had 21 submission-grappling matches, 3 MMA fights (3-0 2 TKO), and 3 Muay Thai Fights (3-0) with a Pan American Title and a BJJ Blue belt to show for it!

I’ve also been lucky enough to learn from the best!

Mauricio Rafael Cordiero Tristar Wanerlei











































Meal prep is ALL the craze.

At the same time, I decided to start a meal prepping service catering to athletes. I became obsessed with creating the PERFECT dishes for performance athletes which led me to getting my Sports Nutrition Certification under NESTA. I spent a huge chunk of my time formulating meal plans and the perfect combination of fuel for my clients until I got it down to a science.

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What’s my passion now?

Besides pursuing my dream as a professional mixed martial artist, my goal is to take everything that I’ve learned about nutrition, meal prepping, weight cutting, etc. and share it with my fellow fighters who, like myself at one point, don’t have the resources to hire a nutritionist (which cost A LOT).

I understand the struggle that fighters go through (that I went through) and I want to provide all the up and coming fighters the tools necessary to be successful in the fight game.

Knowledge is power and I hope to spread my knowledge with YOU.

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