TRX Dynamic Warm-Up for MMA @ Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand

Featured TRX Trainer Mark Mariani put together this great MMA Dynamic warm up using the TRX.


I like to begin with a basic cardiovascular warm-up lasting up to10 minutes, or until I have broken a light sweat. This increases the strength of the signals between your nerves and muscles while warming your muscles and joints, thus enhancing the benefits of the TRX dynamic warm-up.

This portion of the warm-up can be accomplished in several ways such as light jogging, ladder drills, stationary exercises and jumping rope to name a few. Make sure to vary your cardiovascular warm-up exercise routine to break up the monotony and keep it fun.

After your body is warm then it is time to move on to the TRX dynamic warm-up portion. Dynamic warm-ups are designed to enhance coordination and motor ability as well as revving up the central nervous system.

Dynamic stretching takes a static stretch and then animates it with movement and repetition. The TRX suspension trainer allows the user to move actively into a stretch, hold the stretch passively at the end point with the suspension trainer supporting the weight and then move actively back out of the stretch, adding repetition as desired.

There are a variety of different exercises that you can choose from when designing your dynamic warm-up. Be sure to move in and out of the stretch, don’t hold any position for a long period of time and move swiftly between exercises.

➢ Cardiovascular warm-up: 5-10 min of skipping rope

TRX dynamic warm-up for MMA

➢ TRX Forward Lunge with (I, Y, & T fly’s): 30 sec each arm direction
➢ TRX Standing Roll Out: 1 min
➢ Suspended Hip Rotations: 30 sec each leg
➢ TRX Side Lunge: 1 min
➢ Forward Leg Swing w/ Hip Hinge: 30 sec each leg
➢ TRX Standing Figure-four Stretch: 30 sec each leg

Mark Mariani

Filmed produced by Danny Baci of D-Bauchery Films / D.Baci Fight Media

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