Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand – REVIEW

If you are interested in traveling to Thailand to train Muay Thai or MMA then check out this awesome guide by Muay Thai Guy Sean Fagen. In this video I take you through a review and inside look of the book.

Are you interested in traveling to Thailand to train Muay Thai?

Are you a bit hesitant in making the trip because you’re not sure what to expect or what to do to make the trip a reality?

Fortunately, you are not alone! There are a ton of nak muay like yourself who want to travel to the mecca of Muay Thai to live, train and fight, but don’t know how to make it happen… until now.

The ebook Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand is a training guide that I am in the middle of creating to help you make your dreams of training at Muay Thai training camps in Thailand a reality.

I have been to Thailand 3X to train, fight and travel and continue to go with my wife on a yearly basis. I have done a lot and have stayed in over 6 different cities and still LOVE this ebook and will use it for my next trip and more.

Sean Fagen known as Muay Thai Guy has created this complete guide, that will set you up for success and ensure that you have a positive, life-changing experience by supplying you with everything you need to know. In this step-by-step Thailand Muay Thai ebook you’ll learn how to;

• Create expectations and a solid plan to get the most out of your stay.

• Develop a budget depending on your situation and learn how to make your money last.
• Find the perfect gym and area that fits your needs as a Muay Thai practitioner.
• Figure out how to apply, get and renew visas to lengthen your stay.
• Get the most out of your Muay Thai training and have fair fights.
• Avoid common scams that most foreigners fall for.
• Save money on food, accommodations, tourist travels and YOUR TRAINING.
• Learn important Thai customs so you don’t disrepect the culture and embarrass yourself



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