Top 3 Supplements For MMA and Combat Fighters‬

Top 3 Supplements For MMA and Combat Fighters‬

Every day I get asked what supplements combat athletes should be using to help them get an upper edge. I am not a big supplement guy, as I have tried a lot of them out there with little success, but I do have what I call my Super Seven Supplements that I use along with clean nutrition and solid training schedule.

These supplements are the ones that I think all MMA and combat athletes should be using in their diet.

TOP 3 Supplements for Combat Athletes

Combat Athletes require supplements to feed their muscles, as MMA is one of the most demanding sports on the body. Training itself can be intense and physically taxing on the body and mind. It is extremely important for you to keep your body nourished, injury free and healthy for peak training, recovery and performance. Using supplements is an effective way to help with optimal performance and recovery.

A body deficient of essential vitamins and minerals cannot function correctly much less perform optimally and gain strength and recover through an intense MMA training program. We generally do not get enough proper nutrients in our bodies through a regular nutrition plan and using the right supplements can make a significant difference.

In the quest to reach your final goal, diet supplementation is the last element you need to add to your regimen. There are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the world of supplements. Although they make it much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and can even give you an advantage enhancing your training, you must take the right supplements and combine them with a good clean diet.

It’s important you be very aware of the supplement companies that are out there. They are very good at marketing this crap to you and because these vendors are not regulated, they are never forced to deliver what they say they will.

Bottom Line is that after years of experimenting with, researching and making mistakes on the way, we have found the Elite Supplements for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athletes to help ensure optimal performance, recovery and muscle endurance.

The supplements below are strong suggestions but are not absolutely necessary for your success. The choice to use them or not is totally up to you but at least now you’ll know that I endorse their use.

Post Workout Drink

Without question, the most important meal of the day for ANY athlete (MMA, Combat or someone looking to Burn Fat while building lean muscle) will be the “Post Training Meal”. After your training or workout session your body is in catabolism and starving for the carbohydrates and protein that it needs to recover and repair.

A post workout drink should be taken right after your training session. This drink will start the recovery process quicker and keeps your fat burning metabolism going.

I like this meal to be a shake (liquid form) if possible, taken immediately following the end of the workout. The best way for you to digest post workout nutrition is through liquid as it absorbs quickly and gives the body the nutrients that it needs immediately.

Now when I say shake, I do not mean Protein Shake. Don’t get me wrong protein is important at the post workout meal, but you cannot forget about the carbohydrates.

The Carbs should be at least 3 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein in our post-training shake (5 to 1 is better). Therefore, if the shake has 20g of protein, then you should have 60-100 grams of carbs, depending primarily on your gender.

My suggestion is for you to use Prograde Post Workout Powder as it is specifically designed for this purpose. Simple Carbs and Whey protein are great choices. The sole purpose of this formula was geared to athletes and those looking to burn fat and build lean muscle.




Found throughout your muscles, bones, skin and tissues, proteins create the enzymes required for the necessary chemical reactions that occur throughout your body.

Amino acids provide the raw material for building proteins that are directed by instruction from your genes, forming different lengths of chains. However, unlike carbohydrates and fats, amino acids are not stored in the body, therefore, requiring you to constantly replenish their supply in order to make new protein.

The FunkMMA Elite Nutrition Plan For Combat Athletes ensures that you get enough protein, but with training schedules, work and/or school family sometimes you may not be able to make a meal, so having a protein shake, smoothie or adding it to your meals is ideal.

Protein is a vital part of any healthy meal plan, as its main responsibility is to build and repair the tissues in the body. Proteins that come from plants (like legumes for example) contain fiber, while animal proteins (meat, fish, poultry, and seafood), contain fat — both of which cause a slowdown of the digestion of these proteins.

Why is protein important?

Protein is needed for muscle growth and repair. Regular physical training tends to reduce muscle protein breakdown and protein loss from the body. When muscle glycogen stores are low due to inadequate calorie and carbohydrate intake, protein is used for energy rather than for muscle growth and repair and therefore may contribute as much as 10% of the energy needed for training.

This is why it is so very important to maintain adequate carbohydrate intake as it will allow protein to be used efficiently. Protein is critical for recovery as well.


Omega-3 Fish Oils/Krill Oil – EFA (Essential Fatty Acid)

Eating clean is great, but having enough fish oil in your diet is tough to do on a daily basis. The body can’t naturally create Omega-3 so you have to get it through food and supplements. Fish oil is the best source.

Omega-3 Fish Oil has a plethora of benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids are amazing for managing inflammation and expediting your recovery between training sessions, the latter being a key concern for fighters and athletes. Fish Oils trigger a thermogenic response, which will allow you to burn more fat.

It can also increase testosterone and is great for muscle growth through its ability to increase insulin sensitivity. It can cleanse your arteries; help improve cardio studies have shown to be a mood enhancer. Omega-3 have further demonstrated the ability to decrease the risk of developing heart disease and cancer, decrease blood pressure, improve liver and kidney function, reduce joint pain, improve vision, improve diabetic conditions, decrease occurrences and intensities of migraine headaches, increase circulating levels of leptin, reduce stress, and increase metabolic rate.

With so many benefits, this supplement is in the must use right away category, especially for those of you that do not get enough through nutrition (if you don’t eat fish regularly).

As long as you don’t have an allergy or adverse reaction, EVERYONE should be taking Omerga-3; MMA athlete or not. If you are not using fish oil, make it a point to start supplementing with it right away.




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