The BEST Hip Mobility Exercise for MMA

I call this the ‘best’ hip mobility exercise for mixed martial artists because it targets 3 areas that are often tight in fighters (and dudes in general):

1. Hip flexors
2. Hamstrings
3. Adductors (groin/inner thigh)

It not only mobilizes and lengthens these muscles, but it also improves your balance, co-ordination and strength at challenging ranges of motion.

The exercise is called the Cossack Warrior and I learned it from Scott Sonnon and my buddy Adam Steer (if you want to see more from these guys, I really suggest checking out their TACFIT Commando program at

If you can’t do the full Cossack Warrior, I also show you how to work your way up to it.

Your goal should be to perform 20 reps (10 per side) of the Cossack Warrior in perfect form with decent depth.

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Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
Your MMA Performance Coach

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