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20/20/20 Heavy Bag Drill and Workout ( Guest Post by Sean Fagen)

This Muay Thai heavy bag drill from Sean Fagen is a great way to finish of your training sessions with an intense workout. It’s called 20/20/20 and can be done a couple ways. I show you one variation of this great Muay Thai burnout workout on the heavybag Continue reading

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Elite Strength and Conditioning for MMA and Combat Athletes is LIVE!

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Heavy Bag Workout Circuits for Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing – 3 Videos

Watch these 3 videos – If you ask any striker or Muay Thai Champion how to get good at Elbows or knees or kicks… they will tell you… Elbow, knee or kick literally a thousand times. Practice makes perfect. These drills will also give you the repetition you need to get fast and technically sound.

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