Tabata Workout Finisher for Fighters

Tabata Workout Finisher for Fighters

Adding 10 Minute finishers at the end of your skill training session is a great way to quickly improve your overall cardio and conditioning.

tabata workout for fightersYour skill sessions are usually strenuous and having to leave and head over to another gym to perform your weight training is not always feasible.

Adding a short but intense 10-minute circuit after you skill training will make it convenient for you to get some quick conditioning in. Using these after each session will soon add up and you will quickly find your overall cardio improve.

Do not substitute this training strategy for overall strength & conditioning but adding these short circuits will benefit you in the long run.

For example, if you train BJJ, two times a week and Muay Thai and MMA the other two days, then right off the bat you are getting 4 short HIIT circuits each week.

Over time your anaerobic conditioning will improve rapidly.

Use this 10-minute finisher after you combat and martial arts skill training session

Tabata Finisher
8 Rounds of 20 sec of work follow by 10 sec rest.
Rest 2 minutes after first Tabata and repeat for exercise two.

1) Sprawls (weight vest)
2) Side Hurdle Hop Burpees
Total Time = 10 Minutes

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