Strength Workout Program – Anabolic AfterGrowth

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been using a new program to help build my overall strength that I lost the past few months as I focused more on cutting weight, getting ripped and more muscular.

I actually lost strength during this time and it’s important to me to regain it back.

So the guys from Critical Bench hooked me up with their new 8 week strength program.

The Anabolic AfterGrowth workout has you doing ONLY compound movements.

The primary lifts are done using heavier loads at lower rep ranges to make you stronger very quickly. The secondary compound lifts are done at moderate rep ranges to help with muscle size and the pump.

In conjunction with that amazing approach, we’ve also added a bonus day every other week to give you even more mass gains!

By implementing an ultra-high rep day for the Bench and Squat, you can expect to totally confuse and excite your muscles.

In this video you are going to see me perform one set of each ultra high 25 rep set for the Bench and Squat.

This is week 2 for me so it’s challenging but that’s how you grow both physically and mentally.
Learn more about the Anabolic AfterGrowth Strength Program HERE

If you want to build size and strength simultaneously then grab the Anabolic AfterGrowth Program


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