Squats – 100 Rep Squat Challenge

100 Rep Zercher Curl Squat Challenge

Mike Ruffolo goes through 100 reps squat challenge using 95lbs.
You can use Back squats, Front Squats, Zercher Squats, Bodyweight Squats, Jump Squats

5 Reasons to do the 100 Rep Zercher Curl Squat Challenge –

Build Leg Strength and Endurance – Zercher Curl Squats are a great exercise for building muscular endurance in the legs (quads and hamstrings) along with power in the glutes.

Upper Body – Because you have a static hold of the barbell, you are also training upper body muscular endurance in the biceps, chest and shoulders.

Core Strength – You are holding the bar in front of you, which forces you to keep the core tight and tense throughout the movement

Cardio and Conditioning- Because of the load you are holding in front of you and moving through the exercise at a fast pace your heart rate raise almost instantly, which will help you improve your cardio and conditioning

Mental Toughness – Like all challenges and finishers, you have to focus and drive through the pain, this challenge puts you in, along with keeping good form, thus challenging you mentally not or falter or give up and quit.


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