Skipping or Jumping Rope is used by all athletes, especially boxers, wrestlers and MMA fighters to build co-ordination, footwork, speed and agility, improve conditioning and strengthen the legs. Others use it to increase cardio vascular capacity and burn fat.

Check out this Spartacus Skipping Workout with Lady Spartan Angela

See Spartacus Skipping Workout details below

Jumping rope is an exercise that builds aerobic and high intensity capacity. You can easily push heart rate to its maximum if you turn the rope as fast as you can. If you go slower, you will still push harder than when you jog with a friend.

So, you can get in shape faster than you could by running, swimming or cycling. Scientist find, because you are concentrating on the skill, you do not notice the pain as much. Rope jumping is fantastic if you want to improve fitness quickly, develop fast, powerful legs and shred that fat.

Jump Rope training also enhances your coordination, agility, footwork, endurance and quickness. Jumping rope is a simple, inexpensive, low maintenance activity. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a rope and place to jump.

When buying a rope the length is important. The rope is the right length when you can step in the middle of it and lift both ends up to your armpits. It should turn easily in your hands and not bunch up around the handles.
Make sure to choose an area that is flat and not too hard. Try to avoid surfaces like hard concrete and instead go for one that is softer, or springier.

My wife Angela who is also a Muay Thai fighter uses skipping as a staple in her training. Angela put together this awesome Skipping Routine that can be used as a cardio workout or a warm up before you train.

For fast and highly effective fat burning, interval training is the way to go. I love this workout because I can do it anywhere, anytime,

After a 3-5 minute regular skip warm up, perform all 10 exercises for 60 seconds each without rest in between. That is 1 round. Complete 1-3 rounds.

Spartacus Skipping Warm Up
After 2 minutes regular skip, perform all 10 exercise for 30 seconds each without rest in between and add the BONUS at the end. Complete 1 round as a warm up before training or workout



1. Side to Side/Slalom – 1:58
2. Alternating Leg Splits (forward and back) – 2:03
3. Left Knee Raise 2:17
4. Right Knee Raise 2:27
5. Alternating Knee Raises 2:33
6. Jumping Jacks 2:42
7. Two Foot Hops 2:49
8. Twists Side to Side 2:56
9. Fighters Stance 3:03
10. Squats/Bunny Hops 3:14
1. BONUS – Sprint to the Finish 3:21

So, next time you see some kids, jumping rope or double-dutching, join in and who knows… you may end up getting your cardio done and having fun all at the same time.

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  1. tsounts says:

    Very nice workout! I hadn’t noticed that each cycle actually lasts 10 minutes so I did a 15 minute jumping rope warm up and then two cycles of the skipping workout. That was a blast!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. FunkRoberts says:

    I love the hear and we are so happy that you liked the workout. 15 minutes plus 2×10 minutes is an incredible session…congrats
    – Funk

  3. Yods says:

    Awesome workout, I’ve been searching for a decent skipping rope workout for some time but have struggled until I found this. I tried it as a finisher after one of your MMA Bodyweight Workouts, the 2 make a KILLER combo. Massive thumbs up from ‘down under’. Next will be to try a bag workout finishing on the rope.

  4. blastermma says:

    Geez.. This looks TOUGH. Every workout video I watch of yours looks TOUGH!!

    I love it 🙂

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