Workout Instructions
10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 25 Minutes
Perform each exercise in succession for 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest.

You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise
After you complete all 10 exercises or one round in succession you will rest for 2 minutes. Then repeat 2 more times.

1. Standing One Arm Shoulder Press – Left
2. One Leg Swiss Ball Leg Curls – Left
3. Standing One Arm Shoulder Press – Right
4. One Leg Swiss Ball Leg Curls – Right
5. Single Leg and One Arm RDL – Left (Romanian Dead Lift)
6. One Legged Bent-Over Left Arm Rows
7. Single Leg and One Arm RDL – Right (Romanian Dead Lift)
8. One Legged Bent-Over Right Arm Rows
9. One Arm Sprawls – Right
10. One Arm Sprawls – Left
What You Need:
Gym Boss Timer:

Adding single limb/unilateral exercise in training makes good sense for an MMA Athlete. You can increase you balance, improve your stability and core strength and prevent injuries from keeping you sidelined.

There are a lot of movements that are generated off of one leg or arm in MMA. Having amazing balance is also effective for a fighter, which is created by strong stabilizing muscles. Single limb workouts are designed to improve muscle strength as well as core stability and balance.

For example, when you kick the power and explosiveness is generated from one leg. Your other leg must stay stable and balanced so that you can quickly return to your fighters stance to protect yourself against a counterstrike or execute another kick.

Another example is the ability to explode off the ground using one hand, depending on the situation or the compromising position you may be in. Your stability, core strength and balance will all come into play in this situation.

A potential problem that is common with a lot of MMA athletes are injuries as a result of muscle imbalances in the lower body, trunk, and core. Using single limb movements will help to prevent this danger by working the stabilizing muscles, that don’t often get attention during regular training.
Overall adding single limb/unilateral workouts are a great way to change up your training as well as work on some of your weaker muscles, along with stability, balance and core strength.

5 Benefits to adding Stability Workouts to your Training

1. Improve your Balance
2. Improve your Core Stability
3. Target Weak Muscles
4. Prevent Injuries by strengthening your Stabilizing Muscles
5. Change up your Workout

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  1. cattle123 says:

    Nice folks, I have some instructor training coming up soon, and this will be perfect to add into my program. Thanks folks, you never let me down. Glad I found your site. It’s working well.

    • FunkRoberts says:

      Hey Cattle123,
      Thanks for the support and it is my pleasure providing these workouts. Good Luck at teh instructors training and stay tuned for more amazing workouts and nutrition info. PS where is your instructors training.
      Funk Roberts

      • cattle123 says:

        krav maga instructor training in dallas, texas. The beatings get more and more intesnse each session. At this level, the drop out rate is 30%. I like what you do because its outside of my normal training of sparring and fighting. It adds some flavor to the meal of madness.

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