Quarterly: How to get a “Funk Fit Box” sent to you in the Mail (Video)

quarterly_Funk Roberts

You know how amazing it feels when you check the mail, and instead of getting the usual boring bills and catalogs, there’s a package just for you?

And it’s loaded with goodies and stuff you love, plus there’s a personal note signed by a person you like?

How would you like to get a package like that from me four times a year?

If that sounds like a great idea to you, please head over to Quarterly and tell them that you want me to be a curator of a Fitness box! (The best thing is Quarterly ships all over the world so everyone can subscribe to my Fitness Box)

Click HERE to show your interest and support Funk on Quarterly


Thanks for all your support and here is to me helping you become a Lean, Mean, Fitness Machine!


About Quarterly
Every three months, the Quarterly curators — like Pharrell, Book Riot, Andrew Zimmern, Timothy Ferriss, Jason Ferruggia and many others — put together a box of goodies and send it to their subscribers. It’s like a quarterly magazine only better because it’s stuff to do — and in my case: eat — in addition to stuff to read. “It’s like a magazine,” says a Quarterly rep, “but instead of receiving words on a page, our subscribers receive actual items that tell a compelling story crafted by the curator.”

How Quarterly Works from Quarterly Co. on Vimeo.

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