Plyo Pull Ups on a Fat Bar – MMA Finisher Circuit

Plyo Pull Ups on a Fat Bar

I did these Plyo Pull Ups (In and out grips) on a FAT BAR as a finisher at the end of my Spartan Workout session in Cuba the morning of my wedding. It took me 5 sets to get to 50 reps. This video are very raw to say the least — LOL!!

Any variation of pull ups and chin ups are awesome for upper body and back strength and are one of those true Fitness Warrior Beast exercises.

The pull ups exercise separates the men/women from the boys/girls and the beasts from the wannabees. Add a plyometric variation and you have just put yourself into the FITNESS ELITE.

The Plyo pull-ups is an advance exercise that target the entire upper body, back and include the element of eXplosive power to the mix. There are many plyo pull variations that you can do and there is also specific pull up progressions that will help you get to this level.

Funk Plyo Pull-Ups 50 Finisher
Use Finishers no more than twice a week after your combat sport training session, workout or cardio.

Complete 5 sets of 10 reps or as many sets it takes for you to get to 50 reps!

Check it out and also look at these other pull up videos

Funk Roberts Pull Ups

Martin Rooney Plyo Pull-Up/Chin up progression


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