UFC Bodyweight Workout with Nick Hein

Nick Hein


It’s always a pleasure to have the ability to train UFC fighters and while I was in Thailand I had the chance to train a few.

One fighter who was extremely receptive to my workouts was UFC Lightweight Nick Hein from Germany.

When a fighter is eager to learn, motivated to improving his/her strength and conditioning and ready to give 100 percent during each session, you can’t ask for anything more than that.

That’s the mindset you need to take when training, whether during technique class or in your conditioning. It needs to be full effort with the intention of making yourself at least 1% better then you were before you started.

It all adds up!

Today I have the bodyweight workout that I took Nick through while I was at Tiger Muay Thai where he is training again for his next fight.

funk roberts and UFC Nick Hein

The goal for Nick this time around is to keep his walk around weight down seeing that the UFC has taken the away the use of IV’s for fighters to help rehydrate after weigh ins.

This is forcing many fighters to either fight at a heavier weight class or start to walk around closer to their fight weight.

So we are implementing more metabolic bodyweight circuits that target cardio, endurance, explosiveness, power, core strength, agility, mobility and speed, while also cleaning up the nutrition.

If all goes to plan, Nick will be able to cut weight and rehydrate much easier while staying strong, powerful and possessing everlasting cardio.

Nick Hein UFC Bodyweight Workout

Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. Complete all 8 exercises and rest for 90 seconds and repeat for 3-5 full rounds.

1. Side-to-Side Jumping Burpees
2. Abs V-Ups
3. Explosive Lunges
4. MMA Plyo Push Ups
5. Kickouts/Sit Through
6. Terminators
7. Alternating Side Planks
8. Combo Sprawls

Bodyweight for Fighters Program

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Leg Torcher Workout



How to build super strong, explosive and powerful legs

Warning: This workout is not for the faint or weak at heart. In other words this is BEAST Certified!

Hey guys, It’s Friday March 11, 2016 and the wife and I just got back from a BRUTAL Leg workout I put together.

Sometimes I like saving legs until Friday when I have been depleted of carbs all week and am in a fasted state. It just forces me to really concentrate and focus more during training (in case you don’t know I use my Flexible Fasting/Dieting program that will be released to you in month 4 in the Funk Fitness University

We mixed up a few training modalities here with Explosive Contrast Training, Density Training (AMRAP) and Finishers

Here is a quick video highlight of the main Contrast Training set of this killer workout

Anyways here is the workout breakdown for you!

Warm Up
Foam Roll
Bike – 5 minutes
Dynamic Stretch

A) Barbell Squats – Contrast Training
Warm Up Sets 3 x 8-10 reps (or until you feel warm)

Working Squat Sets – Heavy Barbell Squats using 85-95% 1RM superset with Jump Squats
a1) Heavy Barbell Squats – 5 x 3-5 reps (Funk weight 315lbs or 3 plates)
a2) Jump Squats (Bodyweight ) 5 x 6 reps

B) Density Training – AMRAP
Perform a lunge variation for 4 minutes completing as many reps as possible resting only when needed
Funk – Barbell Lunges (95lbs)
Angela – Walking Overhead KB Lunges

C) Finisher
Leg Extensions 100 reps
Leg Curls – 100 reps
(Break it down however you want just GET IT DONE!)


Get It Done!

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Funk Roberts “Fighter” Workout (VIDEO)

Today I am brining you a full strength & conditioning circuit that I used with MMA fighter Andy T of www.EvolucaoThai.com who is 4 weeks out from his fight.

We use this style of workout to help improve strength endurance, explosiveness, core strength, agility, cardio and the byproduct of this type of high intensity metabolic circuit is fat loss and improved fitness.

If you have access to this equipment then you can set up a circuit like this at your gym.

Funk Roberts ‘Fighter” Workout

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15-second rest one after the other. Once you complete all exercises rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.
(Below in parenthesis are some alternative exercises to this workout)

1. Kettlebell Hard to High Swing (alt: DB Hard to High Swing)
2. Alternating Floor Dumbbell Press with Hip Bridge (alt: Floor BB Press/DB Flat Bench Press)
3. Barbell Clean and Multi Press (alt: DB Clean and Multi-Press)
4. Stability Ball Roll Ups to Kick Thrus (alt: Stability Ball Roll Ups/Kick Thrus)
5. Side to Side Lateral Med Ball Hops (alt Side to Side Hops)
6. DB Bent Over Row to High Pull (alt: Bent Over DB Rows)
7. Side to Side Parallette Push Ups (alt: Push Ups/Side to Side Push Ups)
8. Abs Wheel Roll Outs (alt: Hand Walk Outs)
9. Multi Directional Burpees (alt: Sprawls)

Train Hard Fight Eazy!

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FFMMA full progrm


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Neck Workout from Muay Thai Champion Jonny Betts

Your neck takes a beating during Muay Thai and MMA training. You take punches, kicks and elbows, you get pulled and twisted in the clinch and when grappling your neck is a great target for injuries.

Muay Thai Champion Jonny BettsEnsuring that you have some neck strengthening sessions in your overall training is essential to help negate injuries but also enhancing your performance and durability through fights and training.

Today I have Jonny Betts who is a muay thai champion living and training in Thailand at Tiger Muay Thai. He is well known for being dominant in the clinch and delivering devastating knee strikes.

Check out his neck strengthening exercises that are done by most of the fighters Tiger and in Thailand to help them prolong their careers and make champions

Neck Workout from Muay Thai Champion Jonny Betts

Please make sure that you gradually progress into these exercises as they are for more advanced muay thai fighters

4 great exercises for neck strength from muay thai champion living in Thailand Jonny Betts.

Click here to subscribe to Jonny Betts Muay Thai YouTube channel youtube.com/jonnytmt

1. Partner Resisted Neck Extension
Your partner provides resistance while you raise your head. 3 sets of 25 repetitions. The resistance needs to be enough so it’s hard work but not so hard that you can’t complete the set.

2. Thai Style Jaw and Neck Strengthened
Wrap a towel around a rope attached to a weight. Fully flex and extend your neck while biting down hard on the towel. 3 sets of 20-50 reps. The thicker the towel is that you use, the more it will work your jaw muscles.

3. Neck Bridge
Rock back and forth from the base to the tip of your skull. 3 sets of 20-50 reps.

4. 4-Way Neck Crunches
Hang off of a ring or bench with your shoulder blades off the edge. 1 set of 50-100 reps on all 4 angles.

Click here to subscribe to Jonny Betts Muay Thai YouTube channel youtube.com/jonnytmt

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Ultimate Tabata Workout – Fit Like A Fighter

Here is another way to use Tabata circuits to get a killer workout. I put together a 10 exercise circuit using the Tabata protocol (20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest) for each movement and to give it a kick, I added some rotational movements, explosive and endurance based exercises.

This will give you a full body MMA style workout or just a fit like a fighter circuit (so you don’t want to get hit in the face). Also another way to burn fat while keeping your muscle.

Ultimate Tabata Workout – Fit Like A Fighter MMA Circuit

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest for 6 rounds. Rest for 1 minute and move on to the next exercises.
Total Workout = 40 Minutes

1. Kettlebell Swings
2. Rotational Med Ball Slams
3. Burpees
4. Weighted Russian Twists
5. Dumbbell Squat Jumps
6. Mountain Climbers
7. Blast Off Push Ups
8. Rotational Jumping Lunges
9. Kick Ups
10. Abs V-Ups

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Power Workout for Muay Thai, MMA and Strikers ( Coach Woody)

coach woodyWhile I was in Thailand, I got the privilege of training along side many muay thai champions from around the world.

The amazing thing is that for most of them they displayed incredible cardio…and that was due to the countless pad sessions, long runs and sparring that goes on everyday.

The one missing link for many muay thai fighters and other strikers is explosive power development. That could be due to not making the time to step away from the ring, into the gym and training for power or the lack of knowledge in regards to what exercises and workout schemes to use.

Enter Coach Woody form Tiger Muay Thai, who has trained thousands of fighters from around the world, including multiple muay thai champions, UFC fighters and Pro MMA athletes.

Many of his muay thai fighters are known to have explosive power because he takes the time to get them into his paws and harness this physical attribute that will set you above your competition.

Check out this awesome Power Workout Coach Woody puts me through while I was at Tiger Muay Thai earlier this month.

Power Workout for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA

1a). Two-handed Shoulder to shoulder DB power cleans. 5×4 reps per side (heavy)

SuperSet #1
2a) Banded arm pulls (fight stance) 4 x 8 per arm (same arm then switch, try and stay in your normal fight stance)
2b) Med ball punch (fight stance) 4 x 8 per arm (same arm then switch, try and stay in your normal fight stance)

SuperSet #2
3a) Bulgarian split squat 4×8 per leg (again perform both exercises on the same leg then switch)
3b) power step ups – 4×8 per leg (again perform both exercises on the same leg then switch)

SuperSet #3
4a) Slam ball rotations 4×4 per side superset
4b) Standing plate rotations (focusing on speed so your core has to work to rotate back the other way) 4 x 20 reps

vis vires athletics

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Best MMA Workouts in 2015

It’s that time to look back at the year that was and highlight my best workouts for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athletes of 2015.  

Here are my top Workouts for 2015:

MMA Endurance Workout

Tabata Workout for MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ

Strength Endurance Workout for MMA (Upper Body)

Bodyweight MMA Workout

Circuit Training for MMA

Plyometrics MMA Workout

Krav Maga vs MMA Part 1

UFC Workout with Nick Hein

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Takedown Tuesday: MMA Workout

This is a great MMA workout using high intensity metabolic training. If you are a fighter try this MMA workout to help improve cardio, endurance and conditioning. Preparing this fighter for his upcoming Pro MMA fight.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 2 minutes and complete 3 full rounds.

Kettlebell Swings
BOSU Dumbbell Chest Press
Jumping Wrestlers Lunge
Rotating Side Planks
Shuttle Sprints
Lying Hip and Abs Thrusts
Kick Outs
Punching Burn Out

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Creatine Supplement Review (Video)

Anyway today I wanted to finally unleash a new Creatine supplement that I have been taking for the past 6 weeks.

I hadn’t been taking any creatine for many years because I just couldn’t find anything good worth taking out there. It is all basically garbage.

And don’t get me wrong…CREATINE IS AWESOME!

It’s the most studied and verified supplement on the market. And a high quality monohydrate is a prerequisite to any strength, muscle building program or any MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athlete who is training often.

– Creatine improves strength output 78.5% compared to placebo
– Creatine enhances muscle mass
– Humans make creatine and eat it in meat, but it is not optimal levels
– Creatine increases endurance for training, running and sports

The other great thing about creatine is that it helps with recovery. People don’t think of creatine as a recovery tool, but it is one of my favorites.

I do muay thai, wrestling and train with weights for my tendons, ligaments and muscles thank me for using creatine.

The crappy thing about a lot the creatine supplements out there is that they cause bloating, force you to drink a ton of water and want you to do a week of pre-loading not to mention the supply you spend your money on doesn’t last long.

The other drawback with creatine: you need sugar / carbs for absorption of the supplement.

Enter the Enhanced Creatine Formula that I have been taking to help me increase strength, build lean muscle and recover from training faster.

Creatine Supplement Review (VIDEO)

What makes this formula different and more effective is that it uses a herb called Fenugreek to maximize efficiency without the fattening sugar.

Using fenugreek with creatine instead of sugar keeps you leaner. Fenugreek is an herb that helps creatine absorption without carbs.

I haven’t ever experience the strength gains and lean muscle that I’ve got from using this Enhanced Creatine Formula.

Also I’ve been using my Intermitted Fasting diet with my HIIT workouts, this creatine that helps to stay lean while getting strong.

I’ve never looked, performed or felt better for this amount of time.

And as a combat fighter, creatine is a must in your supplement cabinet.

Click here to learn more about Enhanced Creatine Formula

To think that any supplement is your path to your ideal body is silly and lazy, but it’s also lazy to not do the research behind the supplements that actually work.

As an athlete you need to add supplements that will help you recover faster, keep you healthy and strong and help you see benefits from your training.

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Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (10 Minute HIIT Circuit)

In this video Funk goes through the ultimate kettlebell workout that only takes 10 minutes to complete. This is a full body kettlebell workout.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete 2 rounds with no rest in between. Total Time = 10 Minutes

1. Alternating Suitcase to One Arm Swings
2. Snatches (Right)
3. Goblet Thrusters
4. Snatches (left)
5. Goblet Reverse Lunges

Watch more of my videos! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Marcroops

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