New Warm Up to Loosen Hips So You Can Kick Higher, Harder and Faster! (Video)

Check out this awesome exercise to loosen your hips for more powerful kicks. S&C coach to UFC fighters Eric Wong take me through this stretch

Top 5 Reasons to Improve Your Hip Flexibility with Eric Wong’s system

#1) Because you want to kick higher and with more speed, fluidity and power.

#2) When you get the mount, you want to “sink” into your opponent so all of your weight is on him making it uncomfortable and hard to escape.

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#3) You’ll discover the fastest and most effective system that will not only improve your flexibility, but also help you gain strength in key exercises like squats and deadlifts

#4) You want to restore your body to proper functioning and feel like you used to when you weren’t so stiff and tight, knocking years off of how you feel.

#5) Finally, the biggest reason why you need to grab the Hip Flexibility Solution today is because I know you put in work and effort towards achieving your goals and you realize how important it is to keep your body healthy so all that hard work doesn’t go to waste due to injury.

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