This was a challenging workout that I did the other day at  facility in Brooklin, Canada.

It’s a great workout for MMA and other athlete looking to improve strength, conditioning, core strength, explosiveness and muscular endurance using dumbbells, kettlebells, plyometrics and your bodyweight.

You can see the mini-breakdown of each exercise and what it the core focus of the movement is.
Try it this week and let us know how it goes.

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Workout Instructions

10 Exercise Circuit – Complete 3 Full Rounds – 41 Minutes

Perform each exercises in succession for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will do as many reps as you can, in that duration, then move on to the next exercise

After you complete all 10 exercises or one round in succession, you will rest for 2 minutes.


2 Arm Kettlebell High Swings – 50lbs 4:45 – power, explosiveness, core strength and conditioning

Dumbbell Burpee Blasts 25lbs 5:16 – Explosiveness, strength, conditioning/cardio, full body (upper and lower body endurance)

Abs Alternating Power Thrusts (In and Outs) 5:31 – Core and Abs strength

4 Square – Jump Squat – Split jump-Jump squat – Split Jump 5:48 courtesy of Dan Hickman – Plyometrics, explosive, muscular endurance, conditioning

Alternating Staggered Plyometric Push Ups 6:04 – Upper body strength, endurance and explosiveness

Side Plank and Dumbbell Arm Raise 10lbs – Right 6:14 – Core strength, Oblique’s, shoulder strength, balance and stability

Side Plank and Dumbbell Arm Raise 10lbs – Left 6:24 – Core strength, Oblique’s, shoulder strength, balance and stability

Super Star Plyo Jumps 6:34 – Plyometrics, explosiveness, lower body, muscular endurance and conditioning

Dumbbell Judo Alternating Side Swings 30lbs 6:47 – Core, Upper Body and muscular endurance, Power

Grasshopper Sit-Thru’s 7:06 – Core/ Abs, Balance, Mobility and stability, Explosiveness, muscular endurance


Good Luck



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  1. ideaman99 says:

    That is an awesome workout.

  2. seanephillips says:

    Looks awesome, man! I’m gonna try it out this weekend.

  3. says:

    Hey Funk,well 4am this morning I hit “the destroyer” …no need to explane why you called it that!!!!I’m still recovering and it’s 130pm,I need a muscle nap!!! It is sensational,another hit from the “Funkmeister” man ,please keep these workouts coming.Thanks once again for your support and passing on your knowledge ,Regards from downunder Ronny

  4. ideaman99 says:

    Now I know why you named that damn exericse ‘Destroyer”. I never was an endurance guy but I thought I could do at least two rounds. Unfortunately I was gassed out after one. Thanks for showing us your workouts. / Dominick

  5. FunkRoberts says:

    Hey Dom,
    I should have told you the first round is usually the toughest because your body is adjusting to the exercises and intensity (it’s like when you go for a long round, the first 5 minutes are tough as hell and then it feels like it starts to get easy) same thing.
    Round 2 is usally a lot easier then one…but then round 3 gets hard again – LOL
    But that’s what it’s all about


  6. charles.estephen says:

    Hi Funk!
    Love the workouts! Has changed the way I train!
    Just one question how often and should these workouts be done!
    It would be awesome if you could send me a weekly split up of training programme!

    All the way from Australia



  7. bbrennan says:

    Amazing workout Funk, that was tough!!! Thanks for posting your workouts, looking forward to the next challenge

  8. vleydec says:

    Great workout Funk, allways the best workout from you. I never get bored with this challenge.
    Get it done

  9. Sinclair90 says:

    Thanks a lot Funk, these workouts are boosting my cardio endurance like crazy, All I used to do was speed intervals and long distance running, but these workouts are just blowing me past the competition. Thanks

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