Neck Workout from Muay Thai Champion Jonny Betts

Your neck takes a beating during Muay Thai and MMA training. You take punches, kicks and elbows, you get pulled and twisted in the clinch and when grappling your neck is a great target for injuries.

Muay Thai Champion Jonny BettsEnsuring that you have some neck strengthening sessions in your overall training is essential to help negate injuries but also enhancing your performance and durability through fights and training.

Today I have Jonny Betts who is a muay thai champion living and training in Thailand at Tiger Muay Thai. He is well known for being dominant in the clinch and delivering devastating knee strikes.

Check out his neck strengthening exercises that are done by most of the fighters Tiger and in Thailand to help them prolong their careers and make champions

Neck Workout from Muay Thai Champion Jonny Betts

Please make sure that you gradually progress into these exercises as they are for more advanced muay thai fighters

4 great exercises for neck strength from muay thai champion living in Thailand Jonny Betts.

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1. Partner Resisted Neck Extension
Your partner provides resistance while you raise your head. 3 sets of 25 repetitions. The resistance needs to be enough so it’s hard work but not so hard that you can’t complete the set.

2. Thai Style Jaw and Neck Strengthened
Wrap a towel around a rope attached to a weight. Fully flex and extend your neck while biting down hard on the towel. 3 sets of 20-50 reps. The thicker the towel is that you use, the more it will work your jaw muscles.

3. Neck Bridge
Rock back and forth from the base to the tip of your skull. 3 sets of 20-50 reps.

4. 4-Way Neck Crunches
Hang off of a ring or bench with your shoulder blades off the edge. 1 set of 50-100 reps on all 4 angles.

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