MMA Workout – DeathBlow

New Metabolic MMA Circuit to boost your cardio, increase strength, build muscle and give YOU explosive power to deliver the DEATHBLOW.

Strength and Conditioning continues to be the decisive difference between MMA fighters that win and those that lose.

If you are not training at least 5X per week hitting the different aspects of conditioning for Combat fighters then you are setting yourself up for failure

This workout is a great way to hit all the major elements a fighter needs to train. The days of Traditional Weight Training for fighters is LONG GONE, iF you want to be effective.

METABOLIC MMA WORKOUT – DEATHBLOW – Make sure you read the benefits and why you should be adding each exercise to your training at the bottom of the post

Perform all 10 exercises one after the other for 40 seconds of work followed by a 20 second rest/transition. Rest for two minutes and repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.


1. Pivot Swings
2. Med Ball Burpees
3. Kettlebell Hip Thrusts
4. Double Kettlebell Racked Step Ups
5. Pull Ups
6. Jump Knees
7. Dumbbell Alternating Upper Cut Curls
8. Plyo In and Out Squats
9. Heavy Dumbbell Carries
10. Hammer Punches


1. Pivot Swings – Increase punching power, hip mobility and range of motion, cardio. You will improve your strength without sacrificing your flexibility.

2. Med Ball Burpees – Explosive power for takedowns, takedown defense and sprawling. Burpees help with Quickness, cardio and to condition your body by building power. Build upper body strength.

3. Kettlebell Hip Thrusts – Core and abs strength, hip flexibility for grapping, explosiveness great for Hip Escapes. Hip strength is key. (NOTE: Your most powerful muscles should be your hip muscles. You learn to punch and kick using your hips)

4. Double Kettlebell Racked Step Ups – Leg explosion and lower body strength. You can develop knee-striking power. Exercise is great for takedown power, explosive leg power, upper body and core strength and flexibility

5. Pull Ups –One of the best posterior chain exercises, upper body strength. Clinch strength, ground defense, grappling and grip strength. If you are an MMA fighter you must be able to do many, many, many pull-ups. If you can’t then start implementing this exercise into your everyday training.

6. Jump Knees – Explosion Leg Power and Knee Strikes. Also targets your cardio, agility and Speed

7. Dumbbell Alternating Upper Cut Curls – Builds Upper Body Strength, hip flexibility. Helps to develop upper cuts and punching power, muscular endurance, rotational and oblique strength

8. Plyo In and Out Squats – Lower body explosion, speed, quickness and kicking power

9. Heavy Dumbbell Carries – Core strength, Grip strength, power, and overall body strength. This exercise also targets your muscle endurance in your legs as well as develops power in the lower body.

10. Hammer Punches – punching power, muscular endurance, speed and cardio

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  1. paddygbaya says:

    WOW…i’ll definately be trying that. Thnks FUNK!

  2. Ktarb42 says:

    How many times a week should I do workout like this?

  3. hf08 says:

    Hey Funk! Can I do this and another spartacus 2/week? eg. Deathblow on Tuesday and another one Thursday? Im trying to balance this with 2/week heavy lift on days I dont do these.

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