Perform this Finisher Circuit at the end of your primary workout to help train your mental toughness, fight fatigue and ensure that you’ve burnt every last drop of gas from the tank.


Here is a workout that actually caused me to “puke” at the gym after I was done. Perform this Finisher circuit at the end of your primary workout to help train your will-power and mental toughness and fight through fatigue.

10 reps Kettlebell Clean & Press (50lbs) –Right Arm – 10 reps Hindu Push Ups -10 reps Kettlebell Clean & Press (50lbs) – Left Arm – 10 reps Bosu Ball- Plyo Pushups and Row

A finisher is an exercise or workout performed at the end of your workout. The goal of the finisher is to give you one last physical and mental challenge before your training session is done. You are already fatigued from the primary workout but the finisher then forces you to suck it up one last time and fight the fatigue at the end.

When you are fighting someone that is as tired as you, this is the time your mental toughness will have to come into play. By implementing Finishers at the end of some of your workouts, your mind will be ready and allow you to push through your fatigue because you have been dealing with this through your training.

You Finisher Workout should be no longer than 10 minutes and very brief. Use the Finisher Workout regularly and it will help you to develop mental toughness almost as good as any other drill you do. This attribute is extremely important for the MMA Athlete. The true athletes will fight through the fatigue.

Remember the fighter with the best conditioning and able to battle through fatigue will more times than not win the fight.


Here is Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson TUF 9 winner performing a finisher after his workout at Grapplefit. This was a race to 30 “1-2 Sprawls” done as fast as possible. It took him approx. 52 sec. This was a blistering pace, especially as Ross is 14 weeks out from a fight!!



Heavy Bag Work – Punches, Kicks Combo for time

Farmer Walk Variations with Heavy Load – Great for grip strength and challenge workouts

Sprint Work on Treadmill or outside – nothing beats sprint intervals at the end of your workout session

Tabata Intervals – Choose a couple of exercises and Tabata away (20-10 second intervals for 8 rounds)

Sandbag or Kettlebell Challenge – Choose allotted time 7-10 minutes and see how many reps

Sprawls Race – Amount of time it takes to get to 100 – 1-2 Sprawls

Bodyweight Exercise – High reps of a bodyweight exercise or group (Jump Lunges, Hindu Push-ups)


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