Check out this awesome workout finisher that I did just before heading to Cuba for my wedding.

Thanks to Fitness Expert Alwyn Cosgrove for this idea of the Screamer – 3 by 1 Ladder Workout using pushups and tuck jumps to increase your conditioning, explosiveness, muscular endurance, strength, cardio and mental toughness.

Finishers are short body weight or single piece of equipment only, 3–10 minute routines at the end of each workout. You can use them after your MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, Combat Sport training session or Gym Workout.



Workout Finisher – The Screamer 3 by 1 Ladder

Continue to add three push-ups and one tuck jump to each set until you miss a rep. Then climb back down the ladder.

1. 3 Pushups – 1 Tuck Jump
2. 6 Pushups – 2 Tuck Jumps
3. 9 Pushups – 3 Tuck Jumps
4. 12 Pushups – 4 Tuck Jumps
5. 15 Pushups – 5 Tuck Jumps
6. 18 Pushups – 6 Tuck Jumps
7. 21 Push Ups – 7 Tuck Jumps
8. 24 Push Ups – 8 Tuck Jumps
9 27 Push Ups – 9 Tuck Jumps
10. 30 Push Ups – 10 Tuck Jumps
Continue all the way up to 30 Pushups – 10 Tuck Jumps
Then back down to 3 Pushups and 1 Tuck Jump

A final warning
This isn’t for the faint hearted or de-conditioned. They are not beginners’ routines. If you’re coming back from injury or illness, don’t try this program yet. It’s brutal. However, if you follow this routine for four weeks, you’ll see a very significant improvement in your conditioning and a massive drop in your body fat!

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  1. tsounts says:

    Man, this is a starter and finisher at the same time! This is surely a workout of its own!
    I usually do 200-300 pushups (at a calm pace) after a crossfit session or your workouts or a kettlebell workout and get sore, doing it at this pace is a total burner!

    I think I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning after a kettlebell session and let you know.

    Congrats for the marriage too! All the best!

  2. murph99 says:

    awesome workout!! chest and shoulders and core was just screaming, but what a way
    to keep the heart rate way up there. Congrats on your marriage…GOD bless you both and a happy and joyful time to you both.


  3. Campos177 says:

    I did this workout after a Spartacus workout. To add a little extra I did the finisher push ups on a pair of parallel bars. Let’s just say I was looking forward to tuck jumps and I hate tuck jumps. Lol. Thanks for the workouts, they are helpin me get my game up! Congrats to you and your new bride.

  4. tesasan says:

    Congratulations on your marriage.And I m glad your back.Finisher challenge is great,but wery hard.I did 30 push ups,but I couldnt do it back.Of course I ll try it again.Congrats.once more time.

  5. Smash says:

    Man, what a tough finisher, much harder than burpee 28. Could only go up to 30. Will go back down tomorrow. Thanks again for the great ideas. Only been doing your workouts since Feb and already notice the difference. Can’t get enough of the Spartan circuits.
    Thanks again Funk.

  6. Darren b says:

    Tried this workout this morning after usual training routine, it finished me off completely, couldnt keep going at a steady pace when the press ups were in the twenties,absolutely brutal,but brilliant at the same time, thanks once again funk!!

  7. chelis_pirron says:

    Excellent finisher!! though, This is for a daily basis? Or only for 2 o 3 times a week?

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