4 Exercises 

30 seconds of intense exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest (30-15 intervals) 

Perform 6 rounds of the 30-15 interval per exercise. 

You must complete all rounds before moving on to the next exercise 

Total 24 Rounds – Workout Time: 18 minutes 

 EXERCISES – Complete each exercise for 6 rounds of 30-15 interval before moving to the next exercise. 

  1. PUSHUPS – upper body exercise that also targets your core
  2. PRISONER  SQUATS – Lower body strength in quads, hams and glutes 
  3. ABS BICYCLE CRUNCHES – abdominal strengthener that also targets the oblique’s
  4. TUCK JUMPS – plyometric exercise for pure power, explosiveness and cardio


MIR WEIGHTED VEST – www.mirweightedvest.com

Bodyweight exercises should be a staple in any MMA fighters training regime.  You can do them at home, gyms with small spaces or for someone that doesn’t have a lot of equipment.  The limit is endless to what you can do with bodyweight workouts. 

By adding weight to the already natural athletic movements of bodyweight exercises vastly increase the forces at work again your body. Using a weighted vest can help build muscle, increase strength and endurance and help maximize your workouts for fat loss. 

I have been shopping for a good weighted vest forever and all the vest wither shook around, were not durable, or did not really allow me to do any serious plyometrics (jumping) without them on without digging, hurting my back/shoulders or falling down.

Enter the MiR Weighted Vest.  I love the vest because of its durability, comfortable and the construction allows me to use more advanced bodyweight movements without worrying about a malfunction. 

My advice is to pick the one size fits all MiR Pro Weighted Vest if you are a guy and the Women’s weighted vest if you are a gal.  Tomorrow I’m running stairs with this badboy on.

ABOUT THE MiR WEIGHTED VEST – http://www.mirweightedvest.com


This MiR Weighted vest comes with a full set of weights that can be adjusted from 3 to 85lbs to increase the resistance adeptness. For the purpose of weight loss, the removable weights are located high on the torso to protect the stomach from pounding as you run and also is delicate to the whole body while exercising.

The vest is made of heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon, featuring double padded shoulders for added comfort, and mesh vented inside for breath ability. The padding is designed to be contoured to your shoulder for maximum comfort.

The MiR Weighted Vests are completely adjustable for even more comfort. There are two adjustable straps that can be adjusted underneath so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps up and down through the D-rings. To adjust the weight level, remove or transfer the weights from the packets which secure the weights with the durable Velcro weight closures. 

The new MiR weighted vests are designed for all purpose training.


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