Metabolic Workout – “Shred It”

Awesome Metabolic Circuit to help burn fat while building lean muscle…get stronger, be more athletic and improve your cardio, muscular endurance and get you into FIGHT SHAPE!

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds for work followed by 15 seconds rest.
Rest for 2 minutes and complete 3 full rounds

Exercise list

  1. Alternating KB Swings
  2. 180 degree burpees
  3. Wide Grip Push Ups
  4. V-Ups to Wide V-Ups to Knee Grabs
  5. Alternating Db Thrusters
  6. DB Rows
  7. Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbows)
  8. Jumping Rotational Lunges
  9. Plank Builds
  10. High Knee Sprints



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