Metabolic Plyometrics Finisher

Metabolic Plyometrics Finisher

Implementing Finisher Circuits into your training program is a must. You can use finishers to end off your workouts with a HIIT circuit or to target any lagging body parts you may want to build.

This 5-minute Plyometrics Finisher Circuit will help you raise your metabolism so you burn more fat, increase your explosive power, improve your overall cardio, strengthen your legs all in a short period of time.

You can use this finisher one or two times per week after your workout session/metabolic training or your combat sport class.

If you are a trainer, end off your client’s workouts with this Finisher.

Plyometrics Finisher Circuit
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest. Complete one round for 5 minutes.

Tuck Jumps
Plyo Lunges
Jumping Jacks
Jump Sqauts

3 Reasons to Use This Metabolic Plyometric Finisher

1. Quick and Effective Circuit – Finisher Workouts are a short bodyweight or single piece of equipment circuit for only 3-10 minutes that you can use at the end of your workout. This specific routine allows you to target your legs, while increasing your cardio with this high intensity short circuit. It’s quick nut very effective.

2. Build Muscle and Explosive Strength – Plyometrics also known as jump training is perfect to use in order to stimulate the Stretch Shortening Cycle and teach your body to be able to increase your power output in a short period of time. Plyo’s are exercises that have your muscles exert maximum force, which help to increase power and speed.

Plyo’s also target your type 2a and b fast twitch muscle, which happen to be the biggest and strongest in the muscle. Our bodies contain more type 2 muscle fibers and when you train them, you are able to activate your powerhouse muscle fibers and quickly gain muscle and strength.

3. Burn More Fat – Metabolic Training – The short definition of metabolic training is completing compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

Metabolic workouts are usually HIIT that builds muscle and strength while jacking up your anaerobic metabolism, which will create the “Afterburn Effect”.

The After Burn Effect jacks up the metabolism enabling you to burn fat 24-36 hours after your training session.

You will also burn more fat as metabolic training Burn a lot of sugar (muscle glycogen) in a short period of time so that your body begins to burn fat stores for energy.



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5 Responses to Metabolic Plyometrics Finisher

  1. kobe says:

    hey coach!! I bought your jump training program and followed it step by step during the past 6 weeks (proper nutrition, rest, stretching); my vertical leap was about 32 inches before, but hasn’t improved significantly!! could you tell me some exercises/drills/tips for advanced athletes to really take it to the next level?
    thank you so much!!

  2. FunkRoberts says:

    Hey Kobe,
    Hope all is well and thanks for purchasing the program. What is your vertical leap now?

  3. kobe says:

    33”! i’m 29, so don’t think it’s too late to jump higher!! lol

  4. gusdav says:

    Funk man! Been following you for 1.5 years. Thanks for the great routines and vibe! This looks killer – will add as a finisher.

    One note – in the text the last movement is listed as Jump Lunges when they are Jump Squats.

    I’m soon to be 54 and feel better than at 44!! Thanks again!


  5. youngc says:

    Using some of these workouts to help train for a fight this Saturday and to help get in shape for the Marines, love the workouts man !

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