METABOLIC MASSACRE WORKOUT – Gain Mass, Increase Your Strength and Burn Fat Fast!

New Metabolic Massacre Circuit to boost your metabolism and burn fat while building lean muscle. (Video below) – Get your FREE MMA 5 Station Circuit and Training Report at

Perform all 10 exercises one after the other for 40 seconds of work followed by a 20 second rest/transition.

Rest for two minutes and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds.

1. Side Step Kettlebell Swings
2. Med Ball Plyo Pushups Burpees
3. Box Squat and Shoulder Press
4. Kettlebell Windshield Wipers
5. Renegade Climbers
7. Double Kettlebell Cleans
8. Heavy Dumbbell Carries – Farmer Carry
9. Kettlebell Speed Sumo Deadlifts
10. Grasshopper Burpees

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22 Responses to METABOLIC MASSACRE WORKOUT – Gain Mass, Increase Your Strength and Burn Fat Fast!

  1. Tadikas84 says:

    As always amazing,like this;)

  2. JamosP says:

    Well done Funk, another smashing effort..

  3. upkerry11 says:

    brutal but I learned to love the pain baby! I hate burpees! 🙂 Good for me though 🙂

  4. Bootneckstu says:

    That looks like fun – Thanks for another top workout Funk 🙂

  5. SoulRollerFin says:

    Will do this on Friday before training. Good stuff!

  6. kukdi says:

    You need to be my life AND fitness coach

  7. Andersmalling says:

    Fell like sending you some ‘after’ photos, just to show the results I have gotten with these workouts, but I dont have any ‘before’ shot!
    Anyways, thx for awesome videos:)

  8. herringpg says:

    Great Stuff

  9. jbonilla says:


  10. MarcS says:

    Thank you. This is awesome.

  11. dreo says:

    Hi Funk , you’re great…I’ll try this workout soon as possible .
    Can specify the weights please? Kettlebell , dumbell etc. I think I’ll use sandbag


    • FunkRoberts says:

      Hey Dreo,
      Thanks so much. The weight is entirely up to you. Everyone is different so you will have to experiment. You want to challenge yourself but you also want to make sure you have good form throughout the workout.

  12. sgapt says:

    Can you give some alternatives to those of us without access to kettle bells and medicine balls. Looking forward to the workout.

    • FunkRoberts says:

      Hey Sgapt
      YOU can do the swings with a dumbbell holding it at the end.
      Burpee without med ball but still do side to side plyo push ups
      Windshield Wipers holding dumbbells
      Dumbbell Cleans
      Dumbbell Speed Sumo Deadlifts

      Hope that helps

  13. Jonesb86 says:

    thanks Funk for the great workout plans

  14. Oshaankeys says:

    Good work Funk! Guess you can kinda consider yourself king of the burpee’s
    Great inspiration! I involve burpee’s a lot more now into my workouts.
    Due to you, Thanks!. I like totally body workouts to get it all done in one shot to
    Shock my system. Throw in dumbells pullups and dips.
    But the burpees, jump squats, and frogg thrusthers. Are crazy for the legs!
    All in All good looking out. FUNK!

  15. Maridanna_12 says:

    Very good workout, how do I get hold of your workout program….

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