Metabolic Kettlebell TRX Med Ball Circuit (VIDEO INSIDE)

Today’s workout is a Metabolic Circuit using the TRX, Kettlebell and Med Ball.

I think it is important to diversify your training as much as possible by using different types of equipment in order to shock your body into strength and muscle growth while continuing to increase your cardio and burn fat.

Using new pieces of equipment can also expose weaknesses you may have in your body, that force you to improve better yourself. It is also a great way to smash through plateaus and keep things fresh

This was a tough circuit for me as I have not been able to use suspension training as much as I would like so a lot of my weaknesses were exposed throughout this session which left me sore as hell for a couple of days.

Throughout the circuit you are going to work your explosive power, muscular endurance, core, oblique and abs strength, rotational movement stability, balance, cardio and mental toughness.

For the MMA or Combat Athlete this workout is going to improve your punching power, explosive takedowns, muscular endurance needed for grappling, balance and stability to fight off single leg takedowns, hip explosion to buck and defend on the ground, core and abs strength and cardio (anaerobic and aerobic)

Metabolic 60-15 Kettlebell -TRX – Med Ball Circuit

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds rest. Make sure you complete as many reps as possible with good form suing each interval.

After you complete all 10 exercises, rest for two minutes and complete 3 full rounds

Workout Time: 41 Minutes

(Warm up before and Stretch After this workout)

Exercise List

1. TRX Burpees Right – (Balance, Strength, power and endurance)
2. Two Arm Kettlebell Swing – (Lower Body, explosive power)
3. TRX Burpees Left – (Explode off the front leg)
4. Med Ball One Arm Wall Throws – Right – (Hip Rotation, Twist, Push Exercise – Throw each rep as hard as you can do not speed through this exercise)
5. Med Ball One Arm Wall Throws – Left – (Generate power from the hips)
6. TRX Hip Bridges – (Explosive power, hips, glutes and core)
7. One Arm Kettlebell Thrusters Right – (Strength, power, cardio, legs strength)
8. TRX Atomic Push Ups – (Upper Body, Balance, stability, core and muscular endurance)
9. One Arm Kettlebell Thrusters Left – (explosive, shoulder strength and endurance)
10. KB Cossack Lunge – (flexibility, lateral movement, core strength)

Benefits of This Metabolic Fusion Circuit

Below I am going to briefly touch on the benefits of using the equipment in this workout and if you have access, then you should learn and incorporate them into your training.

TRX Suspension Trainer
Whether it’s the TRX, SBT, Jungle Gym XT or any suspension equipment, this is an incredible device to help with stability, balance, muscular endurance, explosion and core training.

There is a bit of a learning curve using the TRX and because you are suspended in the air for most of the exercises, it stimulates and fires up muscles that you probably didn’t even think you had.

This is one piece of equipment everyone in the world should own and have in their toolbox. The benefits run deep when using kettlebells and to this day it was responsible for the biggest body transformation of my life.

With one kettlebell you can use dynamic movements increase your explosive power, cardio, muscular endurance, core and grip strength.

Because the kettlebells weight is offset, just by holding it in your hand you target the smaller stability muscles that help you build strength faster.  Using kettlebells will help improve your overall strength and conditioning.


Medicine Ball

Adding the medicine ball to your training is an excellent way to help you develop strength, coordination, balance, power and core stability.

The ball can also help to develop your rotational core strength and obliques. Helps to improve your punching power.


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