M-100 MMA Cardio Workout and Afterburn Fuel


M-100 Home Cardio Workout made popular by my friend and Six-Pack-Shortcuts Mike Chang, The M-100s have been known to be one of the most effective exercises you can do to burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. This workout routine was designed to maximize calorie burn so you don’t have to spend 30-60 minutes a day jogging on the treadmill.

I used Mike Chang’s Afterburn Fuel before doing this M-100 MMA Cardio Workout to help  increase the intensity which is also needed to build lean muscle while burning fat. Plus I was exhausted before stepping into the gym



This is high intensity training at it’s best.  Because you are performing the exercises one after the other at a high metabolic rate, you will not only burn hundreds of calories during the M-100 workout but up to 36 hours after due to the Afterburn Effect.


Funk and Mike Square off at Muzik nightclub in Toronto Canada

Funk and Mike Square off at Muzik nightclub in Toronto Canada

You can use this routine as a finisher or a quick workout if you are short on time.  The great thing is that you can also knockout M-100’s for 3-5 rounds too, adding the KO to the ultimate cardio building, fat burning and muscles building routine!

Check out this M-100 Bodyweight Workout


M-100’s consist of 3 exercises that target the entire body. The non-stop movement and full body exercises will burn calories faster and more efficiently!  There are no rest between sets. If you are looking to break through a plateau, then add the M-100’s at the end of each workout session to add intensity and change to your regular routine.


The M-100’s use bodyweight exercises, so you can do them anywhere, anytime, no excuses


Mike Chang with Funk Roberts and Bodybuilding Legend Skip La Cour

Mike Chang with Funk Roberts and Bodybuilding Legend Skip La Cour

Stay away from the treadmill, elliptical and other useless gym machines that you only see overweight people using with NO RESULTS and focus on full boy, high intensity cardio, like the M-100;s that will be more effective and efficient at burning more calories.


Use the M-100’s 3-4 days a week and see the weight peel off !

For example, a 180lbs person will burn approx. 650 calories per hour (about 35 calories per minute) when completing a standard M-100 Workout


Credit for inventing this home cardio workout goes to DAVE GINSBERG, Dan Rose’s jiu-jitsu coach in Boston. If you’re in the Boston area Dave is a top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and highly recommended for martial arts instruction. He’s also a great personal trainer and has many more great workouts like this which are very effective, and can be done with minimal equipment.


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