Kettlebell Workout: Metabolic Ladder Finisher (Video)

kettlebell Finisher funk robertsToday I have a Kettlebell Workout Finisher that will help you build explosive power, overall strength and muscular endurance, cardio, core strength and shoulder endurance

All key aspects that will transfer into your combat sport. Use this advanced ladder circuit after your training session.

I use and encourage finisher circuits a few times a week after your training session to challenge your cardio, strength and mental toughness, while you are fatigued from your session.

It’s when you are tired in a fight that you have to reach deep inside to push through and finish your opponent without succumbing to defeat. The only way to mimic this is by putting yourself in these situations during your training sessions. Finishers are a great way to challenge yourself and build that toughness that will help you with your performance on the mat, in the ring or the cage.

This is an advanced Finisher that uses a Metabolic Complex called “Sequencing” that combines two movements. You will complete a single rep of each movement and immediately shift to the next one repeating this sequence for set amount of time, in this case.

KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FINISHER FUNK ROBERTSIn this Sequence we are using the Kettlebell (KB) Snatch and Press and the KB Clean and Press – NOTE: you must be able to perform kettlebell snatches and clean and press with good form before trying this Finisher.

I added a twist to this Sequence Complex by using Ladder protocol with 3 different weights.

Not only are you performing the two movements together one after the other, but now you will be increasing and decreasing weight as you move up and down the ladder of kettlebells.


Complete the following ladder circuit for 5 minutes resting briefly only when needed. Set up 3 different weighted kettlebells in front of one another (make sure they increase in weight) – For example – 12kg-16kg-24kg

You will perform 1 rep of each movement one after the other using one arm and immediately switching to the other. Once you have finished, move up to the next weight and repeat the sequence.

When you have finished the final kettlebell in the ladder, then go back down to the next weight and continue in the fashion moving up and down the weights until 5 minutes is complete.

1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch-Press
1 Arm Clean and Press

Use this advanced finisher to help you break through a plateau and accelerate for lass (not working out longer)

If you like this Finisher and want more highly effective kettlebell finisher workouts that will TRIPLE your results and even burn off stubborn fat (even if you think there’s no chance), then pick up a copy of my partner Chris Lopez’s Kettlebell Finisher Program


kettlebell finisher


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