Kettlebell Workout for BJJ, Grapplers and Wrestlers


This is an awesome workout for grapplers, BJJ and wrestlers as it’s a full body exercises that helps with hip explosion, muscular endurance, grip and pulling strength, core, shoulder stability, balance and cardio.

Today’s circuit uses a kettlebell complex, which combines 5 exercises into one full movement. I call it the Turkish ManMakers. It is supersetted with dead hang Chin Ups.

If you need the tutorials of how to perform some of the lifts individually like the Turkish Get Up, Snatch and Clean then watch the videos below the workout.

Density Complex Conditioning Circuit
Superset – Turkish Man Makers and Chin Ups (dead hang)

Turkish ManMakers and Chin Up Supersets

Set your timer for 20 minutes and complete AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

1a) Turkish ManMakers (each arm)- Get Up, Snatch, Squat, Clean, Press, Get Down (repeat other hand)
1b) Chin Ups (dead hang) – 5 reps

Kettlebell Exercise Tutorials – with Chris Lopez, SFGII, RKC, Certified Turbulence Trainer

Turkish Get Up



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