Kettlebell Conditioning for Power Endurance and Explosive Hip Extension (Video)


There is no substitute for kettlebell training when it comes for all combat fighters, whether you are a striker, grappler or engage in both, kettlebells are needs to be part of every fighter at all levels.

Building explosive hip extension and power are 2 attributes all combat artist strive for and the snatch and kettlebell swing are some of the best exercise to develop them.

The Snatch for Fighters
The snatch is a great total-body exercise that builds amazing muscular and cardio respiratory endurance. It will also help you build explosive power and your entire posterior chain (abdominal muscle, truck extensors and hip joint muscles) as well as shoulders and grip.

The snatch is an exercise that needs to be practiced because it’s very technical from where you take the kettlebell from the end of the back swing to the overhead finish position in one uninterrupted movement.

For a fighter, there is no better exercise to help you develop your explosive power, shoulder stability and overall cardio conditioning.

Kettlebell Swings for Fighters

There is no better exercise than explosive hip extension then kettlebell swings. You will also activate and develop glutes and power endurance. Best of all it’s pretty easy to learn and use safely.

Today we have a Kettlebell Conditioning workout straight from the new Kettlebell for Fighters program that I am collaborating on with Trainer Chris Lopez, SFG II.


Snatch & Swing “On The Minute” Training x 20 minutes (you will need 1 kettlebells of equal weight) – I used 16kg

PROTOCOL – Set a timer for 20 minutes. When you hit start, perform 8 single-arm kettlebell snatches per side. Rest for the remainder of the minute.

When the timer hits “19:00” use 1 kettlebell and perform 8 reps of Two Arm Kettlebell Swings. Rest for the remainder of the minute.

Repeat this protocol (alternating between snatches & swings) for the entire 20-minute period.

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