Kettlebell Bodyweight Hybrid Finisher (Follow Along Video)

“Bo Knows Squat” Kettlebell/Bodyweight Finisher

Kettlebell Expert Chris Lopez, CTT takes Funk through a Finisher workout after a training session. We filmed it and is now one of the workouts in Chris’s NEW Kettlebell Finishers program.

GReat workout that using squat variations as it’s main exercise with other movements strategically thrown in to give you a huge metabolic effect, while targeting you entire body!

use this after your training session or as a quick workout if you are short on time

1. KB Goblet Squats – 10 reps
2. Prisoner Squats – 20 reps
3. One Arm Kettlebell Overhead Press – 5 per side
4. Staggered KB Rows – 5 per side
5. Reverse Goblet Lunge – 10 per leg
6. Jump Squats – 10 reps

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kb finishers


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