How to Schedule Your Conditioning Workouts Around Combat Skill Training

A shared pain point for combat fighters is the scheduling of the strength and conditioning workouts while maintaining your skill training program along with your daily activities.

Most of us are not blessed with the ability to fight full time where we do morning skills and technique sessions and strength and conditioning the same afternoon. So how do we do it?

While skill training needs to remain your premier focus, strength and conditioning cannot take a back seat. It should be in the “passenger’s seat”, if you will.

The better conditioned athlete you are, the more effective and efficient you will be in the learning phase or enhancement phase of your combat fighting skills. Imagine you working on new Muay Thai skill and your conditioning is minimal.

You wouldn’t be able to get through the session…seems like a waste. If your cardio vascular system is regularly underworked or neglected you won’t have the stamina to continue the drill.
Not only would you not be able to continue with the class, you would be setting yourself up for injuries.

It is important as a fighter to include strength and conditioning workout session around your skill training and regular daily activities (work, school, appt, etc)

Each week you should try to perform Strength and Power Workout, Conditioning Circuits, Sprint Training (Anaerobic) and Abs and Core workouts.

When building your workout schedule, you need to consider inclusion of the following elements:

• Skills and Drills: as often as you need to, talk to your coach
• Strength and Conditioning: 3 times per week regularly, at least 4 times per week pre competition
• 1-3 days’ rest per week: It’s during recovery after you train when you get stronger and better. Recovery should be the initial part of building your program.
• Flexibility training: It prevents soft tissue injuries in the form of sprains, strains and joint injuries.
• Warm Up and Post Stretch: Recover faster, stay flexible and prevent injury during training.
You will find that a lot of skill training classes include conditioning sessions, but that is not enough to build your overall fitness. You should fill in the blank of what you are missing throughout the week on your non-skill training days and after training session.

Sample Training Schedule:
The following sample schedule is for a fighter that has Skills Training – Three Days per Week
 Monday – Wednesday – Friday (with integrated conditioning on Wednesday)

Monday – Skill/Sport Training and Metabolic Conditioning
Tuesday – Strength-Power Circuit and Abs/Core
Wednesday – Skill/Sport Training (integrated conditioning)
Thursday – Sprint Training and Abs/Core
Friday – Skill/Sport Training

Saturday – Interval Sprint Training – Strength & Conditioning Circuit – Abs/Core Finisher

Sunday – REST – Plan and Prepare for Follow Week

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