How To Improve Your Cardio Quickly With Drop Set Treadmill Finishers (VIDEO)


So you want to get more from your workout, you say? Great. I’ve got a solution for you. Finishers are one of the top tested and true strategies that elite athletes use all over the world.

Why do they work? And what are they, exactly?

I’ve got the details here for you today. Trust me with one thing though; once you try these, you’ll never view training in the same way again. These will push your limit to the max, all while ensuring that you get into the best possible shape of your life.


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Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Finishers?

A finisher is, as the name suggests, a way to finish you off during your workout session. And believe me, they will do just that.

A finisher is a technique that should last more than say 10 minutes but should evoke a very high level of fatigue, training your body to do more in any workout or activity you do.

Finishers typically involve some type of high rep, low rest protocol, which is what gets your heart rate up there and makes those muscles burn.

As you do this, you train the muscle fibers to continue exercising and contracting despite this lactic acid build-up, which then means that when you go back to doing your regular sets once again, you are going to be able to work harder for longer.

The end result? You see remarkable progress taking place.

Sprint Training For Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, sometimes less is actually more. This is just the case with sprint training. Sprint training has you exercising for very short bursts of exercise, often lasting just 15-30 seconds. Don’t let the short duration fool you though, the real magic happens after the exercise is done.

With sprint training, you will burn a high number of calories with each sprint you do, but since you aren’t sprinting all that long, the total calorie burn isn’t all that impressive. Your average 10 sprint training session may burn around 100-150 calories depending on how heavy you are and how hard you work.

Big deal, you might be thinking, right?

Here’s where it gets more interesting though. After your sprint training session, studies have shown that you can increase your resting metabolic rate for up to 48 hours post workout. So even if you are burning just 10 calories more per hour (which for most people, means burning around 75 calories or so per hour rather than 65 calories per hour while sedentary), this means you will be burning off 480 more calories all because of that 10 minute workout.

This is huge when it comes to total body fat loss. Remember that there are 3500 calories in one pound of body fat, so by having a weekly calorie burn that’s around 2000 calories more (including the sprint workouts themselves), this means you’ll net a weight loss of more than half a pound of weight all because of three, 10 minute sprint training workouts. That’s just 30 minutes of exercise to help you lose half a pound.

You would never see this with steady state cardio training. To burn 2000 calories with that form of exercise, you’d need to do roughly 350 minutes worth of activity going at a moderate pace.

Which would you rather put in, 30 minutes or 350 minutes?

I hope the choice is clear.

Sprint Training For Combat and Sport Athletes

When you think of strong athletes and fighters, what tends to come to mind? A sense of power? A sense of strength? A muscular, lean body that can do almost anything – or so it seems?

This is all what sprint training helps you with. Sprint training involves going from 0-100 in a matter of milliseconds. Your mission with this workout is to accelerate to top speed as quickly as possible and then hold that top speed there for a brief period of time.

After that, rest is then taken and you repeat the process all over again. This helps train those fast twitch muscle fibers to contract with greater force, giving you the power that you need to become highly athletic.

This means whenever you go to take a punch or kick, or sprint across the field to get a ball, you’ll have more force behind you with every move that you make.

And, because this particular drop set finisher is so repetitive, you’ll build the endurance that allows you to keep going without running out of gas. It really is the best method to turn yourself into an unstoppable athlete.

Training On The Treadmill

To do these finishers, we’ll be using a treadmill. Now, you might ask why. Isn’t going outside better?

The problem with doing your sprint workouts outside is that there is no way to actually gauge exactly what you are doing. You want precision here. You want to know, without a doubt, that with each session you do, you are doing more than you did before. And, the only way to do this is with the metrics that a treadmill gives you.

It’ll tell you your speed and distance, therefore you have all the critical information you need to know.

Just one tip: keep the treadmill going at all times. Rather than speeding up and slowing down with each sprint you do, just keep the treadmill at max pace and hop off the treadmill during those rest periods. It’s a fare more effective way to do this workout.

Treadmill Drop Set Workout Video

Now that you know the basics of the drop set finisher, let’s show you the protocol.


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