For the Combat Fighter, especially MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai, having strong insides is essential. That means your abs must be solid, not just from the six pack, but deeper. 

You must be able to absorb constant blows from punches and kicks, both standing and on the ground.  You want the strength in abs to be automatic.  The only way to acheive this to be constantly training the abs…DAILY!!!

Training abs doesn’t just mean thousands of crunches only, but strengthen all parts of the muscle; LOWER, ABS, OBLIQUES…and then 1000 of crunches – lol.

The abdominals work in 4 different planes of motions or directions in order to help you train each section.  You must train all 4 to get the optimal inner strength and strong abs

1) Truck flexion or crunching motion – upperbody to lower body movment – Upper Abs

2) Lift hips – moving the lower body toward the upper body – Lower Abs

3) Truck rotation or twisting from side to side  – Core and Obliques

4) Side to side flexion – Serratus and Obliques

  I ensured that all the exercises in this post hit all movements

One last thing, in order to see the SIX PACK ABS, you still have to EAT CLEAN!

Here is Part 4 of my 4 Part Series How to Get six Pack Abs with my man Rob Riches.  I worked with Rob on the Battle Bag Workout DVD Shoot and was truly amazed at his abs and knowledge so listen and apply his techniques.

I wantes to bring you the ultimate Abs Exercise collection to end this series so below there are seven exercises…implement these into your daily training to become the best Combat Fighter in the World.

Side Bar Twists for Obliques – Rob Riches

 In this video series, Rob shows an all-time favorite of Bodybuilding great, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for tightening up his side obliques with seated bar twists.


Hanging knee lifts for lower abs – Rob Riches

In this video Rob shows you how to target hte lower ab with the hanging knee lifts. This is one of my favourites and great to develop lower ab and hip flexion strength


Cable Crunch for Upper Abs – Rob Riches

If you have access to cables, then this one you needs in your aresonal on AB day that targets the upper abs


Decline Leg Raises Lower abs – Rob Riches

Classic lower ab movement that is great to superset with an upper ab exercise

[youtube] [/youtube]

Swiss Ball Side Crunches with Twist for Obliques – Rob Riches

I added this exercise to one of my Spartacus Ab Workouts.  This is such an amazing exercise that kills the obliques and serratus


Cable Exercise for V-cut abs – Rob Riches

Final exercise to finish this series for abs


Cover model and TEAM Optimum Nutrition Athlete, Rob Riches, shows how he trains to develop and Cover model and TEAM Optimum Nutrition Athlete, Rob Riches, shows how he trains to develop and strengthen his core to reveal six pack abs. Filmed just weeks before going on to win the WBFF World Fitness Model championships in Toronto.

Check out all 9 video shorts by subscribing to Rob’s YouTube channel, and see new video’s as soon as they’re uploaded.

All exercises are available on one DVD, complete with a free six pack workout chart, and can be purchased at Rob’s online fitness store:

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