HOW TO DEVELOP PUNCHING POWER – The 5 Elements of Knockout Power (Video)

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Punching power is a tool all strikers strive to posses. When you pack a punch that can hurt and knockout your opponent it keeps them cautious throughout an entire fight.

The question is what exactly is punching power and how does one develop it. In this article I am going to provide you with the key elements or building blocks needed to have knockout punching power.

Let’s start with the definition of power as it relates to punching in combat sports.

Power = Mass x Speed – Meaning that your punching power translate to the speed at which you can accelerate your own body weight and connect that power with your fist.

Punching power is the ability to hurt or knockout your opponent. In any combat sport there are the few fighters that are born with crazy knockout power, but the rest of us have to find ways to nurture and deliver it when needed.

I think that there are 5 key elements or building blocks of punching power, which focus on the two main factors which are Mass (bodyweight) and Speed (velocity)

Please keep in mind that when it is referred to building blocks it means that you need to develop one before you move onto the next. Or at least be working on them with the mindset that you focus on the most important more than the rest

Here are brief descriptions of the 5 building blocks.

5 Elements of Developing Knockout Punching Power

1. Technique – the most important element of developing punching power is technique. Unless you are born with it, you will never have true punching power unless your technique is solid.

Having great technique is designed to maximize the mass that you can deliver behind each punch. Explosive power starts from the balls of the feet and the lower body. Great technique also allows you to deliver the power under total control.

Technique helps us to add to the mass of the punching power equation.

You can practice and train your technique by shadow boxing in front of a mirror on a daily basis.

Funk Shadowboxing below

2. Speed – The next element you need to build is speed. If the mass stays the same and you strike at faster speed, you will generate more power than if you punched a slower speed. It just makes sense.

If your technique stays constant, the faster your punch travels the more power you will generate.

You can train speed using a heavy bag or speed bag for example.

3. Timing and Accuracy – is the next element to train. After you have technique and speed, the accuracy of your punches will make a HUGE difference. When you can time you punches to strike your opponent as they move towards you, then your punching power will increase immensely.

I have seen fighters get knocked out with jabs (ie Anderson Silva knocking out Forrest Griffin with a jab) all due to timing the movement of catching Forrest lunging forward after throwing a sloppy punch.

So, great timing allows you to add more mass to the equation.

4. Strength Training – is the next element that we need to focus on. It’s not about having massive muscles. Most fighters are known to be lean and powerful physiques. You definitely need to do some strength training in order to maximize punching power.

The key is training the muscles used when throwing knockout punches. You can use bodyweight, resistance or other equipment that will not necessarily build muscle mass. Plyometrics, explosive exercises and resistance training is what you need to focus on.

As I mentioned before you have to train the muscles that work together to throw your punches. The muscle groups are as follows:

• Calves and Quads
• Abs and Core
• Chest and Shoulders
• Lats/Back
• Triceps
• Forearms

You can train these body parts using bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, Bosu Ball and other fitness equipment.

5. Flexibility – improving your range of motion will be give you greater punching power through leverage. The more flexible you are the faster you can be.
All of you training sessions should start with a warm up, end with static stretching but also adding Yoga and Flexibility training will be beneficial to your overall punching power.

So there you have it, the 5-elements/building blocks of developing punching power. If you are not blessed with natural punching power, than start working down the blocks to develop the ultimate knockout power

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