How to Develop A Stronger Grip (Guest Videos)

Whether you’re fighting for underhooks against the
cage, scrambling for wrist control on the ground, or
hunting for the submission finish…grip control is

And no one understands how to train the grip like
my friend Corey Beasley.

Corey has trained over a hundred pro fighters,
including as well as combat sports Olympians,
and countless combat sports amateurs.

And he knows more about grip training than anyone
around. Not a coach on this planet even comes
close in IMO.

After spending thousands of hours and over a decade
of his professional life researching, developing and
perfecting and then putting his athletes through
countless programs—using pro fighters as his
human guinea pigs—Corey has developed what I
believe to be the ultimate grip training program.

Check out these two cool grip exercises from his new ‘Get a Grip – The Definitive Guide to Grip Strength for Fighters and Grapplers’ and you can
see it here.

Wrench Exercises

Rope Pull

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