Hip Flexibility Band Stretch featuring UFC S&C Coach Eric Wong (Video)

facebook hip flexibility kick higherIf you want to permanently improve your flexibility so you can throw higher and faster kicks, do key strength exercises like squats and deadlifts and sprint at full speed, then you need to do a whole lot more than the typical stretches everyone knows…

If they worked, everyone would be flexible and loose, but it’s clear when you look around the gym that we’re not!

That’s why the 3D Flexibility System, developed by MMA S&C coach Eric Wong, is truly a revolution in flexibility training – it addresses not just tight muscles, but also fascia, the joint capsule, neuromuscular factors and strength so that you get more flexible, stronger and more mobile.

Check out this cool hip stretch that Eric takes me through. And if you like this stretch and want more, then go to the next page and learn more about Eric’s new Flexibility System.


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