Hill Sprints for MMA and Combat Athletes (VIDEO)






Hill Sprints (FFIS)

Today workout comes to you all the way from Thailand. I woke up one morning and decided to tackle the hill with some interval sprints.

Hill sprints are something that I use when training fighters for their fights at least once a week to help build their anaerobic system.

Perform 10-12 Hill Sprints after your warm up. Make sure to stretch completely after your training.

A lot of fighters interchange conditioning with cardio (cardiovascular conditioning). In relation to mix martial arts they are not the same. Cardio is in fact a part of what overall conditioning is.

Cardio Endurance is broken into two systems; aerobic and anaerobic. The aerobic systems means with oxygen and is generally slower-moderate paced exercises like jogging where oxygen is the main energy source. Anaerobic systems means without oxygen and is often higher intensity training where the energy is derived from other sources called phosphates, which are stored in the skeletal muscles.

For an MMA athlete both the aerobic and anaerobic systems are both important. Many fighters tend to skip the anaerobic training but this in fact is one of the most important aspects that need to be trained due to the constant change from high to low intensity during a fight

The better your anaerobic system is the longer you will be able to fight at a higher intensity without getting tired.

Interval sprints can improve the body’s ability to buffer and tolerate lactate.

Interval sprints are the best way to train the important components of your anaerobic power, capacity and the overall system. Using sprinting intervals on stairs, hill, a field or on a track are great.


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