GUEST VIDEO: Gable Grip Pull Ups

My friend John Holt, MMA conditioning coach, former Muay Thai fighter and creator of Primal Training out together this awesome video breaking down the Gable Grip Pull Up

If you train in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Grappling, Muay Thai or want to try another killer pull up variation then must start implementing the Gable Grip Pull Up into your workouts.

If you are sick of spending hours a week on a treadmill and even more hours a week on weight machines trying to reach your fitness goals then Primal Training Program is the answer.

This system will cut those gym hours down and increase your results. Every circuit is designed to boost your metabolism, improve your cardio, strength and flexibility simultaneously.




Primal Training Will Change Your Life! Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits:

• Train Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility SIMULTANEOUSLY!
• Never follow a fixed, boring routine again.
• Get a full body workout with minimal equipment.
• EVERY movement strengthens the core.
• No more starvation diets!
• See results in less than 30 days!
• As you advance, the routine becomes more challenging.
• A program teenagers, senior citizens and athletes can all benefit from.
• No equipment? No problem! Get a full workout with only bodyweight.
• Gain the flexibility of a Yogi, the strength of a lifter, and the endurance of a runner!
• Get a full body, efficient workout in less than 45 min as little as 2x a week!
• Eliminate back pain!
• Sleep great! Wake up full of energy!
• Can be performed in a commercial gym, garage, hotel room, or even your living room!
• A completely customizable fitness program!


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