Today I had the pleasure to meet, have lunch and interview one of my idols Jonathan Chaimberg who is by far the best Strength and Conditioning Coaches in MMA bar none. 

 You may have seen him on UFC Countdown as GSP or Rashad Evans’s trainer, but he has trained a lot of the top fighters in the Greg Jackson camp. 

I love his training philosophies and through this interview you are going to hear a lot of what I show you in some of my workouts and tell you in the posts. 

I am always trying to bring the best of breed to you and Jonathan Chaimberg is the best of the best.   I am going to let the interview speak for itself and check out Jonathan training GSP, Loiseau and Dennis Kang below

Watch both parts of the interview because what he says is very important if you want to become a top MMA athlete.

Part 1 of 2 – Funk and Jonathan talk about Chaimberg’s start in the sport, UFC fighters that he has trained, favorite UFC fighter to train, strength and conditioning, best exercises and more

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Part 2 of 2 – Funk and Jonathan weight training vs strength and conditioning for MMA, How to fit in your strength and conditioning with your technique training, training to be an athlete, Adrenaline Performance Centre, Fighters in UFC 129, how PT and coaches should implement conditioning program and if GSP can get to the size to fight Anderson Silva.


Georges St-Pierre, David Loiseau and Denis Kang are seen here training with Jonathan Chaimberg.


JONATHAN CHAIMBERG is one of the most respected trainers and strength coaches in North America. While only 32 years old, he has been training both elite athletes and the general public for over 10 years. A former national wrestler, he is now the strength coach who is responsible for many athletes on Canada’s National wrestling team. In addition, Jonathan trains some of mixed martial arts’ most accomplished athletes preparing innovative programs for their benefit. His dedication to his profession, and his ingenuity have made him and his facility one of the top in the industry.

Jonathan is also the strength and conditioning editor of Canada’s #1 fitness magazine Inside Fitness. Jonathan’s fitness programs have been featured on UFC Primetime as well as the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. He has also filmed a pilot for ESPN which is expected to become a series in the near future.

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