FunkMMA Success: Check out Andy’s Transformation

Awesome transformation and cool story from Andy Tiet. I think a lot of people scan resonate with some of you smaller guys that have been trying to get big and strong. Now Andy is a BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA fighter so gaining a ton of weight is not in his goals.

But you can still get strong, ripped and athletic while staying in the same weight. Even in the pic, he looks much bigger but he is more muscular, stronger and just an all out BEAST!!!!

Check out his story below of what he was doing wrong while trying to gain a bit of mass and get strong

andy tiet

Hey guys, just wanted to share a little bit of personal experience I’ve encountered that has positively impacted my life.

I first discovered FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning when I was on Youtube watching videos about training in the art of Muay Thai In Thailand (this will come full circle I promise) in the photo below on the left I weighed 140lbs.

When I was living with my friends. The four of us collectively decided to invest a large portion of our money into trying to get big and strong.

At the time they we’re all broke students and I was working a minimum wage job trying to make ends meet (great times).

ANYHOW, I think having experienced and intelligent coaching when it comes to nutrition and exercise is absolutely vital.

When I first started “working out” I was drinking pounds and pounds of weight gainers and doing bench presses with two 20 piece buckets of KFC on either side of the bar than I would eat those buckets of KFC (not really but you get the point, I was doing it wrong and feeling like garbage).


I decided to give martial arts a go so I signed up at Evolucao Thai MMA School (this is where it comes full circle) after I signed up at Evolucao Thai for martial arts it turns out that Funk Roberts the guy that I saw on youtube countless times teaches the strength and conditioning.

Quick plug: Visit  and pick up a workout program>

I use the metabolic body weight blasters program often in addition to all the martial arts training that I undergo, it’s fun and will get you in the best shape of your life.

Thanks to Funk for letting me pick his brain a lot, my diet is on point and I understand what it takes to eat for LONGEVITY, I say that but as soon as I’m done writing this I’m going to In and Out burrito down the street my next goal is to get physically stronger and more flexible (just started Yoga) the journey continues!

ALSO, come out to Evolucao Thai and have some fun and get into ass kicking shape, shoot me a message if you want to try it out, located at 1381 Dufferin street In Toronto!


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