Funk Roberts “Fighter” Workout (VIDEO)

Today I am brining you a full strength & conditioning circuit that I used with MMA fighter Andy T of who is 4 weeks out from his fight.

We use this style of workout to help improve strength endurance, explosiveness, core strength, agility, cardio and the byproduct of this type of high intensity metabolic circuit is fat loss and improved fitness.

If you have access to this equipment then you can set up a circuit like this at your gym.

Funk Roberts ‘Fighter” Workout

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds followed by 15-second rest one after the other. Once you complete all exercises rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.
(Below in parenthesis are some alternative exercises to this workout)

1. Kettlebell Hard to High Swing (alt: DB Hard to High Swing)
2. Alternating Floor Dumbbell Press with Hip Bridge (alt: Floor BB Press/DB Flat Bench Press)
3. Barbell Clean and Multi Press (alt: DB Clean and Multi-Press)
4. Stability Ball Roll Ups to Kick Thrus (alt: Stability Ball Roll Ups/Kick Thrus)
5. Side to Side Lateral Med Ball Hops (alt Side to Side Hops)
6. DB Bent Over Row to High Pull (alt: Bent Over DB Rows)
7. Side to Side Parallette Push Ups (alt: Push Ups/Side to Side Push Ups)
8. Abs Wheel Roll Outs (alt: Hand Walk Outs)
9. Multi Directional Burpees (alt: Sprawls)

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