Finisher Workout – Density Circuit

Finisher Workout – Density Circuit

5 Minute continuous circuit of 3 exercises for 7 reps each

Density training is to perform as much work as possible in a specific period of time. This density finisher should be performed after your primary workout as the final touch to your overall training session.

Finishers should only be done 2X per week after a chosen training session.

FunkMMA Finisher Workout – Density Circuit
1. Plyo Trap Bar Deadlifts x7 reps
2. Side to Side Med Ball Plyo Pushups x7reps
3. Jab Cross Sprawls x 7reps

Alternate Finisher #2
1. Dumbbell Jump Squats x7 reps
2. Plyo Pushups x7 reps
3. Sprawls x7 reps

Alternate Finisher #3
1. Bodyweight Jump Squats x7 reps
2. Pushups x7 reps
3. Burpees x7 reps

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