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Resistance Band Workout for Combat Athletes

Resistance Bands are a great training tool for all MMA and combat athletes not only because of their ease of use and versatility but you can use them to improve many attributes that fighters need to have in their sport.

Today’s workout will help you to develop and improve:

1. Range of Motion throughout the shoulders and rear deltoids (great for Muay Thai, MMA Fighters and Boxers)
2. Explosive Power (All Combat Fighters and Sports)
3. Muscular Endurance (Grapplers, BJJ and Wrestlers)
4. Core Strength (All Combat Fighters, Sports and Athletes)
5. Rotational Movement (Punching Power, Muay Thai, MMA Fighters and Boxers)
6. Cardio (All Combat Athletes)


MMA Explosive Resistance Band Workout

Perform each exercise one after the other for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds rest. After you complete all 10 exercises rest for 2 minutes and repeat the circuit for 3-4 rounds

1. Front Jump Squats
2. Single Arm Pulls Left
3. Plank Jacks
4. Single Arm Pulls Right
5. High Pull Jacks
6. Slow Plank Knee to Chest
7. Rotational Pulls Right
8. Rotational Pulls Left
9. Forward and Behind Neck Press
10. Jump Jacks


• Bands allow you target any muscle group

• Bands allow you to attack a muscle from multiple force vectors and planes of motion

• Bands allow you unlimited resistance

• Bands ascending resistance allows you to super set on every set

• Bands allow you to train anywhere which means you never miss a strength workout

• Bands combined with body weight is a proven muscle shock that gets results

• Bands allow me to transition quickly into a complimentary exercise or an antagonistic muscle group.

• Bands fit any strength level which mean you can blast smaller or larger muscles with a similar band setup

• Bands make you eccentrically go through a full range of motion, which makes muscle, lean long and strong versus thick short and strong.

• Bands guarantee a concentrically squeezing of the muscle for max recruitment as long as you train full ranges of motion. Plus doing a 2 second isometric at the end of the concentric phase really cranks things up.

• Bands allow you to quickly create metabolic, interval strength workouts that are proven to shed fat and shred muscle

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