Dumbbell MMA Circuit to help develop your overall strength and muscular endurance

FFSP3Still010As a Combat Fighter you will need to train different attributes each week to ensure you are improving your overall strength and conditioning. Building your strength and muscular endurance is extremely important.

The ability to lift max strength for a long period of time like bench-pressing a lift for as many reps as you can for 5 minutes will help build your strength endurance. If you are fighting in the clinch for most of the fight, especially in the later rounds, then you’re going to need your strength endurance.

Muscular endurance is the ability for a group of muscles to perform contractions regardless of the weight for a long period of time. For example doing squats for 5 minutes will challenge the quad muscles.

FFSP4Your muscular endurance will come into play if you are throwing hundreds of punches, which will challenge your shoulder conditioning. Muscular endurance plays a big role in on the ground while grappling; jui Jitsu and also clinching during stand up.

You can use this Dumbbell MMA workout as an FFSC – Funk-Flex Strength and Conditioning category of from our new Elite MMA Program if you have the resource.

Add this workout to your weekly training in order to improve your conditioning and overall performance.

Dumbbell MMA Workout

Workout Description

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. Complete all 10 exercises and repeat for 3 full rounds. Warm up before and stretch after you are complete.

Exercise List – Dumbbell (DB)

1. DB ManMakers – 35lbs
2. Dumbbell Bicycle Punches – 10lbs
3. DB Ground and Pound – 35lbs
4. Dumbbell Jump Squats – 25lbs
5. DB Close Push Ups – 30lbs
6. DB Split Jump Curls – 15lbs
7. DB Sumo Squats – 35lbs
8. DB Renegade Row Push Ups – DB Power Renegade Rows -30lbs
9. DB Front Raise T’s – 10lbs
10. DB Clean -Squat and Press – 35lbs

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