Start your timer and perform each exercise for the prescribed reps…do not move onto the next exercise until you have completed the reps. (Use a challenging weight and learn the dumbbells techniques before attempting this workout.

FUNK’S WEIGHT AND TIME – 50LBS dumbbell – 21:23MIN

25 V-UPS – This is an advanced abs/core exercise that hit the entire rectus abdominus (six pack muscle) that extends from your pelvic region to your sternum.

50 DUMBBELL SNATCHES (25 PER SIDE) – This exercise will help build explosive power. This is a rapid movement that will target your hamstrings, lower back and hips

25 PUSHUPS – the ultimate strength exercise that targets the upper body along with your core

50 DUMBBELL SWINGS – This is another explosive lower body exercise that targets glutes, quads and hamstrings

50 BURPEES – This is the number #1 metabolic exercise on the planet, targeting most muscles in the body. Burpees forces you to complete a lot of work in a short period of time which forces the body to secrete HGH(Human Growth Hormones), perfect for building muscle and increasing your metabolism to burn fat.

50 DUMBELL CLEAN AND PRESS – This is a full body explosive power movement that targets the upper and lower body done with heavy weight. You will feel this exercise in your rhomboids and traps, your lower back, biceps and of course, shoulders. In you lower body this exercise will work your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

50 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS – This exercise is a full body cardio exercise that targets your core and upper body.

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  2. E.Buck says:

    Just ran 2.5 miles to the gym did the 300kb workout and ran 2.5 miles back. Awesome.

  3. Airassaultgator says:

    another awesome workout!!!

  4. jrog says:

    first time 25 lbs, 28 mins. second time 30 lbs, 34 mins. Woking my way to 50 lbs!

  5. RichOne85 says:

    This workout is awesome! When it comes to the 50 clean and press, is that 25 left and 25 right arm or 50 each arm?

  6. mann0311 says:

    Awesome Funk.

  7. feeneym says:

    Been cooped up in an airport hotel due the hurricane Sandy. This workout was a great way to kill the time. Had to use 30lbs on the snatches and cleans. Everything else was as written. Thanks Funk

  8. ekonomista2006-mirek says:

    first time over 20 min,
    yesterday 14 :50 !

  9. jordangeorgiou says:

    Is the one are snatch and the clean and press supposed to be the same weight? Also the final mountain climbers, is it 25 per leg or 50 per leg? Thanks 🙂

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