Creatine Supplement Review (Video)

Anyway today I wanted to finally unleash a new Creatine supplement that I have been taking for the past 6 weeks.

I hadn’t been taking any creatine for many years because I just couldn’t find anything good worth taking out there. It is all basically garbage.

And don’t get me wrong…CREATINE IS AWESOME!

It’s the most studied and verified supplement on the market. And a high quality monohydrate is a prerequisite to any strength, muscle building program or any MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Athlete who is training often.

– Creatine improves strength output 78.5% compared to placebo
– Creatine enhances muscle mass
– Humans make creatine and eat it in meat, but it is not optimal levels
– Creatine increases endurance for training, running and sports

The other great thing about creatine is that it helps with recovery. People don’t think of creatine as a recovery tool, but it is one of my favorites.

I do muay thai, wrestling and train with weights for my tendons, ligaments and muscles thank me for using creatine.

The crappy thing about a lot the creatine supplements out there is that they cause bloating, force you to drink a ton of water and want you to do a week of pre-loading not to mention the supply you spend your money on doesn’t last long.

The other drawback with creatine: you need sugar / carbs for absorption of the supplement.

Enter the Enhanced Creatine Formula that I have been taking to help me increase strength, build lean muscle and recover from training faster.

Creatine Supplement Review (VIDEO)

What makes this formula different and more effective is that it uses a herb called Fenugreek to maximize efficiency without the fattening sugar.

Using fenugreek with creatine instead of sugar keeps you leaner. Fenugreek is an herb that helps creatine absorption without carbs.

I haven’t ever experience the strength gains and lean muscle that I’ve got from using this Enhanced Creatine Formula.

Also I’ve been using my Intermitted Fasting diet with my HIIT workouts, this creatine that helps to stay lean while getting strong.

I’ve never looked, performed or felt better for this amount of time.

And as a combat fighter, creatine is a must in your supplement cabinet.

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To think that any supplement is your path to your ideal body is silly and lazy, but it’s also lazy to not do the research behind the supplements that actually work.

As an athlete you need to add supplements that will help you recover faster, keep you healthy and strong and help you see benefits from your training.

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