Chest and Shoulder Workout for Punching Power






This is a great chest-shoulder workout to help with improving upper body strength endurance and punching power.

The quick finisher workout uses the ascending to descending push-ups. The ideal place to perform this workout is a ring, but as you can see I used a fence…and it was rough…not gonna lie to you!

Lucky 7’s Workout Instructions:

Perform 7 reps of pushups and then move your legs up to the next ring rope/level, until you get to the top, then move back down, without stopping. If you are not using a ring, then move your feet up 3 levels and then move back down.

FunkFlex_HB-02Strength Training for Power is the fourth element/building block that we need to focus on. It’s not about having massive muscles. Most fighters are known to be lean and powerful physiques. You definitely need to do some strength training in order to maximize punching power.

The key is training the muscles used when throwing knockout punches. You can use bodyweight, resistance or other equipment that will not necessarily build muscle mass. Plyometrics, explosive exercises and resistance training is what you need to focus on.

As I mentioned before you have to train the muscles that work together to throw your punches. The muscle groups are as follows:

• Calves and Quads
• Abs and Core
• Chest and Shoulders
• Lats/Back
• Triceps
• Forearms

You can train these body parts using bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX, Bosu Ball and other fitness equipment.

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