Building Your Upper Body Muscular Endurance – Two Chest Workout Videos

Georges-St-Pierre-Has-Plan-For-RetirementThe two Chest workouts below will help you build functional upper body muscular endurance while packing on size to your pecs!

MMA and other Combat Sports demands significant physical fitness from you, which will put an abundance of stress on your body if you don’t do it properly.

Accordingly, it is paramount that your strength and conditioning is high quality to ensure you last in the ring or on the mat.

Most importantly, you do not get injured. Your overall goal is to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE while PREVENTING INJURY.

Your strength and conditioning training will have many components including:
compound explosive movements

  1. plyometric training
  2. muscular endurance
  3. power and strength training
  4. sprint intervals
  5. Anaerobic and aerobic fitness
  6. core strength
  7. flexibility

The workouts below will help improve your muscular endurance, specifically in your upper body (chest, shoulder and triceps)

The Importance of Muscular Endurance to Combat Fighter

bjj-triangleMuscular endurance is the ability for a group of muscles to perform contractions regardless of the weight for a long period of time. For example doing giant sets chest exercises for 5 minutes will challenge the pec and upper body muscles.
Your muscular endurance will come into play if you are throwing hundreds of punches for example. You would rely on the muscular endurance of your shoulder for this element of the fight. Muscular endurance plays an important role in grappling and clinching during stand up for you Jiu Jitsu fighters as well.

The below workouts are great for helping you improve you muscular endurance in targeted areas…these circuits will build your upper body strength and endurance specifically in the chest.

Funk Roberts Chest Workout – Trisets

If you want to pack some size onto your chest quickly then add this Chest Tri-set to your training regime and increase your pecs fast!!

Perform 10 reps of each exercise one after the other with no rest. Rest for 3-5 min and then repeat for 1-3 sets (not counting your warm up set)

1. Bench Press
2. Incline Dumbbell Press
3. Explosive Plyo Push Ups

funk roberts chest workout Use this workout different ways
• Chest Trisets Workout – use this as a full chest workout
• Chest Finisher – use one round after your regular training session
• Improve Lagging Body parts – Use on your free workout day if using Metabolic Training to help build and focus on chest
• Pre-Beach Pump – Use this in the morning before you hit the beach

Critical Bench Chest Finisher

Build a massive chest fast and improve your muscular endurance with this circuit.
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In this video Funk performs a live bodyweight chest finisher circuit after his regular training session.

Chest Finisher Circuit

Perform 10 reps each exercises one after the other with no rest at the end of your training session.

1. Explosive Board Push Ups
2. Medicine Ball Roll Push Ups
3. Elevated Bench Push Ups

Video Shot at Primal Movement –



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